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The Gojoth Tree Corps (go-jauth)

Nimun had been gifted to the Gojoth at the tender age of two. No one knew what happened to her parents, but the camp's Healer had always mumbled something about an outbreak of Inkusel whenever she asked.   It hardly mattered, as being a runner was the pinnacle of the social ladder. Villagers would nod appreciatively at her whenever she passed, and all who saw her fight knew it wasn't all just talk. She represented, nay, embodied a tradition stretching back centuries.
Jhanté folk tale
  The reputation of the Gojoth Tree Corps (often just called "the Gojoth") follows them wherever they go. Their fights against the Inkuborn and the Inkusel that creates them are the stuff of legend. Wielding magic and weapons alike, they bring down the terrifying beasts of the jungle and protect those who need it most.  

Hierarchy and Roles

The top of the Gojoth Tree Corps is the Grand Gojoth, who organizes hundreds of Gojoth across the Inkuna Forest. Each camp will have one or two Gojoth Healers who are combination medic/researchers who tend to the infected and advise the camp. Finally, each camp has groups of soldiers called Gojoth Runners who track and hunt down the Inkuborn monsters in an attempt to rid the jungle of the menace once and for all.
CW: violence, disease
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An Iron Reputation

The Gojoth Tree Corps's activities are by no means a secret. Their exploits form much of the corpus of Jhanté storytelling and their bases and camps are often the focal points around which villages form. For many Jhanté people, the Gojoth are an almost-mythical group of heroes that bravely face the unknown.
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