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Hantanius City (han-tan-yoos)

They say that the first breath of a city’s air defines the place better than any book. I will admit, my first breath of Hantanus [sic] certainly made me tear up a little. Mostly because it made me want to gag.   Picture this: a sprawling collection of wooden huts that seems to stretch across a small valley. Now imagine the hundreds who live there, all of them having to ration water because their own local lake is so polluted. Simply put, no one takes a bath.
— A Koldanar Lizardkin traveller about Hantanius City
  Admittedly, the cleanliness of Hantanius City does leave a lot to be desired, as per the description above. A similar thing can be said regarding the caravans of the Koldanar, for that matter. But it is hardly the fault of the populace who are in an active war zone. Much like all the Kin of Dreandril, the Jhanté and Din of the city are doing the best with the terrible lot that life has dealt them.  

City of Contagion

The terror of The Inkusel is never far away for Hantanians. The city has the largest concentration of non-fatal cases of Inkusel, which is rather convenient for the city’s Gojoth and the Goparanus Facility. Having so many stage 1, 2 and 3 cases in easy reach means the Gojoth Tree Corps have a ready group of people to trial possible cures or medication.   However, the city’s afflicted often contract the disease from their surroundings. For reasons not currently known, the Inkuborn have taken a particular interest in the city and often attack people in the surrounding forage spaces. They’ve also contaminated Lake Noro, the city’s main water supply, forcing guarded convoys to collect water from uninfected ponds and rivers in the nearby region. That means that unless one is remarkably lucky, one is very likely to contract the disease and join the 80% of the town who have.
CW: disease, uncleanliness, drought, war, violence, medical (including tests on people)
Founding Date
713 PR
Inhabitant Demonym
Location under
Included Locations
Ruling/Owning Rank
Owning Organization
Characters in Location
90% Jhanté‌, 7% Din‌, 3% other


Constant battle with the Inkuborn means that the city requires constant defence. A wooden palisade surrounds the major town buildings, with small towers at key points to warn of the approach of Inkuborn.
All images in this article were created by me, EmperorCharlesII, unless otherwise credited.

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