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The Magic Multiverse

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Your vision shifts as the magic takes hold of your dream. It draws you through the air; you feel your consciousness spread across the cosmos and you get short sensations and glimpses of many places:   You feel it in the air, a slight tingle as a single spark flashes from the tip of your finger. Concrete walls surround you. A shiver goes down your spine, a golden moment where you know that anything is possible.   Somewhere else, a group of hardened adventurers scale the sides of a seaside cliff. You sense the dragon that has terrorized the village lives there, and that they will do whatever it takes to keep the surviving villagers safe.   In another place, a blood-red sky flashes with lightning overhead as potion-sellers and well-dressed guards walk the streets of a city built of white marble. Some smile at one another, others shake their heads in frustration.   One last place flashes before your eyes: a small tear in the fabric of reality in the cold darkness of space. While you can't see through the tear, you can feel the dreadful presence on the other side, reaching, grasping, trying to break free...   Renath. Orkanis. Dreandril. Endaman. Earth. Limbo. Names flash in your mind. Then you fall asleep once more.   The multiverse is bigger than you know. And things are coming that threaten the safety of every world in it. Will you rise to the challenge?   Art Credit: emperorcharlesii (me!)