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" Even the land has a backbone. "   ~ Essic-Llenic proverb


Most of Endaman is unsettled due to the large barriers created by The Dark Sea and The Bright Sea, its two major oceans.   The main continent (also called Endaman) is the only settled portion of the planet and therefore the only part of any importance. It is divided into three large pieces by the oceans and its two mountain ranges.   The first such piece is the westernmost, between the Dark Sea and the Red Guard Mountains. Here can be found the regions of Oren, Hayim, The Dark Forest, Llenir, and Essel, going from north to south. These regions are home to large forests and wide plains. Just offshore are The Rings, a group of small circular islands.   The central chunk is well-known for its mountainous terrain and hilly valleys, being sandwiched between the Red Guard Mountains to the west and the White Guard Mountains to the east. The regions of Coldwater, Schinter, Lintin, and Evercold are located here.   The eastern portion of the continent is the most populous, containing the regions of Domiel, Gratica, Anotaash, Ensik, and Silena. The weather here is a little colder than the west coast, but is still very heavily forested, even now. Verdian Island can be found off the coast of Ensik, and Fool's Island can be similarly found off the coast of Gratica.

Fauna & Flora

The flora and fauna of Endaman is incredibly diverse; too diverse to really go into much detail here.

Natural Resources

The continent contains a variety of different landscapes that provide every conceivable resource.
Art Credit: emperorcharlesii (me!)

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