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A land ravaged by some kind of prenatural event, leaving it a wasteland of orange ash and terrible storms.   Great mountains of immense size, their grey-purple sides slanting up towards the heavens with no discernible shadow.   And at the centre of the plane, nestled at the base of one immensely tall mountain, a large white shimmering dome encasing a bustling metropolis built by hands from every conceivable corner of the multiverse.   Welcome to Limbo.

The Centre of the Multiverse

Limbo was first founded some two centuries ago (in Earth years) by the peoples of Renath. Having glimpsed the demi-plane in their dreams, they created the first standing Portal to the plane. Their arrival was rocky, as they were immediately hit by the toxic winds of the place and had to abandon it nearly immediately. But their attention was piqued, and they quickly began to plan how to create structures that would protect them from the hostile environment.   Their first construction was the small charms and spells that created the Argent Wards. This cleared the air and helped keep the city safe from hostile incursions, as there was no guarantee that the natives of Limbo would be friendly to outside intrusion. While the native peoples of Limbo did not end up attacking them directly, the wards proved useful as more and more mages moved to this new safe haven.   They then began slowly relocating small homes and shops to the area to help service the ever-growing number of mages. The vast majority of these were built when the Seven moved their headquarters to the city some one hundred and sixty years ago. As the Seven Cubes began to choose people from different worlds than Renath, those new Keepers brought some of their culture and people with them.   For the past forty years, people from Earth have begun to arrive in Limbo, causing its population to swell dramatically. It is now difficult to find housing, and the Argent Wards have to be constantly reconfigured to make more and more space. The positive effect of this is the sheer variety of cultures that make Limbo home, with the tongues of scores of peoples representing all five worlds and thousands of different perspectives.

A Bustling Metropolis

As one can expect being the headquarters of the Seven, Limbo has many different magical departments, offices, and shops catering to a variety of needs and interests. The old saying goes, "If you can't find it in Limbo, you'll never find it at all." Some of these places include:
  • The grand domed structure of the Central Portal Office, one's natural arrival point in the city and their ticket out of it;
  • A single-story trapezoidal building that houses the Keepers of the Cube when they are in the city and serves as their meeting space. All of the major Seven organizations have their main offices surrounding it;
  • The towering glass-and-steel structure of The Circum Academy, the Seven's central educational structure;
  • The fenced park/cemetery/monument of the Sixten Gardens, where the statues and remains of the city's great leaders reside; and
  • The aging but still stable stone Borarian Library of Archives, named for its greatest beneficiary.
Map of Limbo
A side view of the majesty of the Sunless City, showing the important buildings and the hostile geography that surrounds it.


  • Map of Limbo
    A side view of the majesty of the Sunless City, showing the important buildings and the hostile geography that surrounds it.
Location Type
Also known as
The Sunless City, the Red Expanse

Beyond the Argent Wards

On the outside of the great shell that marks the city, the semi-dimension of Limbo stretches out for interminable kilometres. Marked by large dusty basins, soaring purple peaks, and the occasional village of the Blood Elf natives to this plain, very few people travel here. There are very few known landmarks, no real resources that the people of Limbo or the rest of the multiverse can use, and the harsh and mildly toxic winds of the plane have killed many an explorer. Therefore, there is very little incentive to explore out here.   The greatest danger to any would-be traveller in Limbo is the toxic winds. Called the verithae merna by the natives (literally "the air that burns"), the gas causes corrosion of lung tissue and uncontrollable coughing and itching. While explorers often prepare long-term charms that clean the air around them, those spells are often difficult to master and carry the unfortunate chance of failing while one is asleep or otherwise unable to recast them.
Art Credit: emperorcharlesii (me!)

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