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Keeper of the Cube

...the unearthing of the first Cube of Power was the beginning of a magical tradition that would last centuries, spanning across the stars beyond the Deity Wall...   No one could have predicted the meteoric rise of the Seven or the existence of other worlds back then, but with retrospect comes clarity, and with clarity comes knowledge, and with knowledge comes the capacity to protect the world...   ~ A Tale of Seven Stars, Peras Virrken
The Keepers of the Cube are the leaders of the Seven, being the chosen wielders of the Cubes of Power. The incredible power of their magic puts them on a completely different level from the rest of the Mulitverse, giving them insights into the very fabric of reality beyond even the most powerful of mages. But they are still mortal, and they still have flaws...


The Keepers of the Cube have existed as long as the Cubes themselves have been around. The first Keepers were the leaders of their local groups of mages, and the death of the Keeper led to the disbanding of their small orders in most cases. The first Cubes were only found on Renath, causing a great deal of jealousy. There was no Council, no Seven, no Limbo. Each one was against the others, and chaos reigned.   But a remarkable thing happened some two centuries ago. At first, it was believed that two of the Cubes had been destroyed, as only five Cubes could be found. After scouring the entire planet, they got their best Diviners to deduce where the other Cubes had gone. The Diviners discovered that the two other Cubes were incredibly far away, far beyond the Deity Wall and behind the stars themselves. Unable to travel that distance, they tried their best to communicate with the other holders of the Cubes, discovering that they were native to other worlds, other societies that the Renathians had never met before. Travelling to the newly-settled wastes of Limbo, the five Renathians created permanent Portals connecting their world to the other worlds of Orkanis and Endaman.   Soon, other permanent portals to Earth and Dreandril were erected, and the Keepers became a group that stretched across the Multiverse. Their scope shifted from their petty squabbles (mostly) and their worries became more universal and broad in scope. The Cubes were to help defend the Multiverse, they agreed, and they needed to create something extraordinary to keep the Multiverse safe.   So the Keepers formed the Seven, naming it after the seven original Keepers and their seven Cubes, and set about creating the most diverse magical society in the Multiverse. This has occupied them all the way from that day, to this one. With the exception of the occasional argument or heated discussion in the chambers of the Council of the Keepers, the Keepers have been united behind their goal of using the Cubes' power to protect the Multiverse from the demonic hordes that threaten it day after day.

Current Keepers

As all of the Cubes of Power are currently accounted for, there are seven current members of the Council of the Keepers:
Civic, Political
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Tasks and Responsibilities

The Keepers have a huge variety of responsibilities as the leaders of the Multiverse, but they tend to try and delegate as much as possible to conserve their energy and prevent themselves from burning out. They have these as main tasks:
  • Protect the power of the Cubes from falling into the wrong hands. There are whispers that the Cubes are corruptible by demonic influence, or the Cubes may choose someone evil as their wielders. This means vigilance is essential, and the Keepers guard their artifacts very closely in order to prevent tampering.
  • Represent the free races of the Multiverse. With three Keepers from Renath, two from Dreandril, one from Orkanis, and one from Earth, the Keepers are a diverse group of people with a variety of backgrounds. Championing their peoples and keeping their interests at heart is essential for a good Keeper.
  • Help support the war against the demonic scourge. Most Keepers have done this by forming their own Chosen regiments, but many pledge to fight directly with the demon menaces wherever they may be. Thankfully, no large-scale conflict has erupted in this way, but this is mostly because the Seven have been very prudent leaders thus far.
  • Promote magical knowledge and patronize research into magic. In order to keep their minds sharp and have the deepest possible understanding of their abilities, the Keepers make sure to support research into magic and its uses. The Circum Academy and The Centre for Magical Studies are the most obvious examples of this patronage.

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