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The Seven

The Seven is an organization of mages based in the Sunless City of Limbo. Named for its seven central members, the collective mages under its banner come from a variety of worlds and situations. With nothing less than the lofty goal of keeping reality safe, their strong bureaucracy has weathered conflicts for centuries.


The Seven’s membership spans the known multiverse, with mages representing the peoples of Renath, Dreandril, Earth, Orkanis, and Endaman. This is because the central imperative of the organization - known as its Central Pivot - is the protection of our universe from the demons who live just outside of its boundaries. No other function provided by the Seven is more important; no expense is too great if the universe is at stake.   A variety of other goals are also pursued by the Seven, including:
  • The continued research and development of magical technology and theory in order to expand and intensify the Seven’s efforts;
  • The establishment of protections for new mages, fresh from the Change and unlikely to survive without help via the system of Masters and the standardized testing of the Gauntlet;
  • The normalization and institutionalization of magical education for new mages with the hopes of creating a universal standard of magical knowledge; and
  • The protection of Earth from the knowledge of demons and magical energy, as the discovery of those by mundane folk is deemed incredibly dangerous and liable to malpractice.

Internal Bureaucracy

The Seven are ruled by its titular seven members known as the Keepers. Each responsible for a priceless relic known as Cubes, they make the major decisions of the organization - this is known as the Council of the Keepers. They are also its public face, with each having great social and political influence within the organization.   Each member of the Seven take a particular interest in the organization’s goals, and senior bureaucrats fill in the gaps in their collective portfolio. For example, none of the current members of the Seven is from Endaman, so an Endaman Representative handles business related to that world. This ensures that everyone is included in the bureaucratic process and that all crucial areas are covered. These officials are appointed by the Seven on recommendation by other members of the organization.   Simply due to the size of the community, the Seven regularly delegate non-essential or routine tasks to other bureaucrats. These are the paperwork people; they draft letters and prepare requisitions of men and materials; they judge disputes among members; and they do all the menial work of keeping the Seven running smoothly. While they may not be heroes or particularly noteworthy individuals, they are necessary for everything to continue as it has for the centuries to come.


The Seven’s various sub-organizations are important auxiliaries that help it accomplish the Central Pivot:
  • The Seven's Chosen are specially picked mages sent on missions to protect vulnerable areas from demonic incursions;
  • The Central Portal Office permits the timely travel and outfitting of the Chosen and protects the boundaries of the Sunless City;
  • The Circum Academy helps provide training and purpose to hundreds of new mages and administers the Gauntlet;
  • The Filarwo Hospital Association tends to the variety of illnesses, injuries and other maladies that affect the people of the multiverse;
  • The Endless Sophos maintains a gigantic collection of books, audio recordings, and other documents about the peoples and structure of the multiverse; and
  • The Centre for Magical Studies houses academics and researchers studying magic, demons, and supernatural phenomena.
All of these organizations are maintained through a large bureaucratic system centred in Limbo and presided over indirectly by the Seven themselves.
seven stars.jpg
The flag of the Seven is deceptively simplistic. It depicts seven stars arranged in an arc, with each star a different colour. This simultaneously represents the different Cubes that the Seven wield, as well as the variety of mages and backgrounds that make up the organization.


Any mage can join the Seven at any time. There is no fee nor required test (beyond the Gauntlet), but a member is expected to uphold the institutions of the Seven, as well as the spirit of the Central Pivot.   Members are also classified into Masters and Apprentices according to their knowledge of magic and the completion of the Gauntlet. Masters are the only people qualified enough to have Apprentices, and there are a variety of subcategories of Master.   If a member has committed a crime heinous enough, their membership may be revoked, banning them from returning to Limbo as long as they live. This is only exercised in the rarest of cases, as a mage outside of the Seven with deep knowledge of its inner workings might be incredibly damaging.

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