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Mistake Island

Earth tends to not have very many magical phenomena, which is a rather good thing considering the Terra Doctrine. However, there is always the rare magical site that has to be carefully guarded and protected by the Seven's various mages and specialists. The fog-swathed island known as Mistake Island is one such place.  

A Bleak and Stormy Place...

Located off the coast of Maine, this place is shrouded in mists and battered by storms for much of the year. Because of the large rocky cliffs that surround the island, the place is very inaccessible and besides the singular house and lighthouse maintained by the Coast Guard, nothing has ever been built on the island. The last resident Terran Human left the island decades ago, and the Nature Conservancy currently runs the maintenance of the islands few fields and trees, as well as lets the occasional group of tourists visit the historical lighthouse.  

...Home to a Lighthouse...

The town's singular lighthouse was built in 1826 and fixed and repaired over the decades. It dominates the coastline of the island and is solar-powered. A covered causeway connects it to the house that was once the home of the lighthouse keepers. Other than that and the lighthouse, there are no buildings on the island.   Most people are fully aware that the lighthouse was automated beginning in 1973, but what they don't know was that the house adjacent to the lighthouse has actually been occupied ever since by various Seven mages over the years. That is, of course, until the house was slated for demolition in the 1980's and the mages had to protect the house from prying eyes. By having the house "get demolished," they guaranteed that no one but the occasional Coast Guard inspector would ever be nearby to interrupt their research.  

...And Magical Ocean Research

The reason the Seven have taken any notice of the island at all in recent years, besides its hilarious name and the sea-loving mage lineage known to be in the nearby towns, lies in the rumours of a large sea monster in the nearby inlets. Researchers have reason to believe that there is something of extra-dimensional origin that lies in the area, but it moves around too erratically to be able to be pinned down and investigated further. The half-dozen or so demonologists and theorists still try their best to find it, but their explorations have turned up no luck so far.
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Nearby Magical Centres

The few magical researchers who live in the area study various magical phenomena along the coast of New England, straying as far south as Jacksonville, North Carolina. Most intelligent magical creatures tend to cluster near civilization, so most of the extra-dimensional creatures encountered out here are Oceanic or Aberrant by nature. Besides the possible sea monster mentioned in the main section, researchers have also identified:
  • A small group of wandering unmanned boats that seem to appear and disappear just off the coast of Virginia that might be the workings of a very powerful mage or a collection of ghosts;
  • A "sailing school" operating out of Boston who they believe to be a front for a demonic cult and who often drown people in the nearby ocean; and
  • At least two underwater settlements of some kind of turtle-like creature, although no researcher has ever been able to get close enough to explore further.
All art used in this article is made by me EmperorCharlesII unless otherwise credited.

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Author's Notes

Much of the research for this article comes from this history-of page and this page of the Maine government. I just saw the name "Mistake Island" and I couldn't NOT do an article about it.

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