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Monster of Mistake Island

Terran Humans often point out, with some reservation, that they know more about the surface of their moon than the depths of their planet's oceans. Admittedly, magical aids to explore them are relatively new and what they do dredge up from the depths is often horrifying. Even in their non-magical past, they speak of sea monsters that could snap ships in half and giant fish capable of swallowing houses. All of this makes the elusive nature and lack of knowledge about whatever is off the coast of Mistake Island, Maine even more terrifying.   

Pre-Research Hearsay

Rumours of a sea monster in the region go back further than the earliest known mages on the world. Until recently, those stories were categorically assumed to be just that, stories. It wasn't until a selection of Seven-aligned mages were studying local mages with surprisingly sea-oriented abilities that they began to look into the region's magical influences and found some truth to the old legends.   Most of these stories centre some poor sailor whose ship is attacked by a terrible storm. In the heart of the destruction, the sailor catches sight of something that can't be explained. This might be a squid-like creature of immense size or a gigantic tentacle that curls around the craft and bends the metal like many would bend a piece of copper wire. The storm either shipwrecks them along the coast or their ship would be spared at the last minute, with only the teller of the tale having seen the creature.

Researched Terror

Now, the search is on to try and study the strange magical presence that lurks and travels the inlets of the region. Whatever it is, it's clever enough to not be able to be caught easily; attempts to reach whatever bone-chilling creature lives there have been frustrated at every turn. One particularly ill-fated trio tried to pretend to be sailors in a bay that it was known to haunt regularly. They never came back.    Researchers have been interviewing sailors who have such stories now, usually under the guise of reporters, sea monster enthusiasts or concerned Coast Guard officers. These stories have begun to build up a vague sense of its size and what it might look like, but the Seven demands clear proof before they'll accept their findings. So until some hapless mage catches sight of it and lives to tell the tale, no one will ever truly know.
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The creature in question has never been sighted in its entirety by scientists, so any description of it will always be surrounded by a fog of skepticism. Some common themes have emerged, however, which usually hint at the following aspects:  
  • Large tentacles, massive ones able to wrap around most modern sailing vessels or batter modern warships;
  • Incredibly huge yellow eyes that sailors report make them feel so terrified that they run screaming; and
  • A significant bulk that reports can never quite describe in words, but most attempts to do so end up likening it to an island in size.
Until researchers finally get a glimpse of the creature, this is the most complete description possible.
All art used in this article is made by me EmperorCharlesII unless otherwise credited.

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Sea monster! <3 Nicely done, on this and Mistake Island; lots of little hooks for adventurers to play with! Love that you've made your own art for this world; it looks awesome!

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Aaaah! Sea monster! I really like that they are attempting to research whether it is real or not.

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