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As we came over the hill, we found a small settlement laid out in the valley...Arriving down there after an arduous hike, we found the inhabitants to be taller than us, with a strong build and a kind outlook...After conversing with them for a short while, we discovered that they called themselves "humans."   ~ Alan the Adventurer, Tales of Discovery on Earth

Anatomy and Similarity to Other Sophonts

Terran have usual humanoid characteristics; that is, two arms, two legs and the various facial and anatomical features normal for other humanoid spohonts. Their senses of vision, smell and hearing are par for the course, although the incidence of magic is rather rare at about 1 in 10 000. In fact, many have likened their appearance to the opur of Endaman or the tepilar of Orkanis in appearance.  

Cultural Mixing Pot

They are divided into nations or "countries" depending on common historical and social traditions; the largest countries are the United States of America, the People's Republic of China and the Federal Republic of Russia. Religion also has a large effect on Terran daily life; the largest religions on Earth are Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Judaism. Unlike many worlds were a common language has been established for ease of communication, Earth doesn't even have such a tongue, although English and Chinese are very commonplace languages.   On the interplanetary level, many Terrans are worried about the brave new world they find themselves more and more attached to. Due to the Terra Doctrine, only mages travel outside of their solar system or even know that the rest of the universe exists, and this creates anxieties about their place in the cosmos. However, their sheer numbers mean that any decision about the societies of the world will have to include their input by necessity.  

Technologically Advanced

Terran technology is some of the most advanced in the Multiverse. Inventions like computers, medical diagnostic machines and transportation networks of automobiles and aircraft were developed in the absence of magic, and many of these technologies don't function well around magic as a result. At the same time, Terrans have been the largest force in the development of magical technologies to mimic these advancements or improve their own technologies.
75-90 years
Average Height
150-200 cm in height.
Average Weight
100-200 lbs.
Geographic Distribution
Related Ethnicities


Due to the diversity of Terran cultural backgrounds, there are simply too many names to account for here. However, Terrans tend to choose names based on the following factors:
  • Famous religious figures or deities (such as Matthew, James, Binyamin, Aditya, Tanvi, Mohammed and its variants) ;
  • Concepts or virtues (such as Hope, Grace, Ananya, Viti, Mwangi, Feliks) ; and
  • Natural or beautiful phenomena  (such as Tal, Odhiambo, Galina, Saloni, Aurora)

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