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Alan the Adventurer

Alan Deruthas

"For those who have never met me, I was of a small stature, like many of my folk on Endaman, so the humans simply towered over me. They called me a 'dwarf', to which I asked if they had ever encountered my kind before. One of the humans said something into the ear of another. Somehow this whispered phrase was humorous to him, and soon we were all laughing."   ~Alan the Adventurer, Tales of Discovery on Earth

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

A fit young dwarf warrior to those who knew him.

Facial Features

He had a brown beard of about a foot long in his youth, although he cut it much short when he became a mage.

Identifying Characteristics

A ravenous cave beast left him with a small scar around his left eye and across the bridge of his nose.

Physical quirks

He was very fond of writing with his left hand even though he wielded his hammer in his right.

Special abilities

  • Magically endowed
  • Apparel & Accessories

    He was fond of dark, earthy colours as far as clothing was concerned.

    Specialized Equipment

    His weapon of choice was a hammer, but an axe could be often found in his hand as well. His armour of choice was studded leather so that his speed would be less hindered.

    Mental characteristics


  • Was trained in combat in Deirledâni as a youth.
  • Learned magic from an unknown Master.
  • Accomplishments & Achievements

  • Served in the Red Rose War on the side of The Gratic Empire.
  • Went through The Change at the age of 45
  • Traveled to Earth in 1862 and documented his travels.
  • Morality & Philosophy

    He was predominantly of a good character, but he was infamous in the Gratic Empire for his mistreatment of some Hayim prisoners during the Red Rose War. He denied this.

    Personality Characteristics


    He would often be very motivated by adventure; it's the reason he travelled to Earth in the first place, as it was unexplored by the central magical culture in those days.

    Savvies & Ineptitudes

    Rudimentary testing indicated strong Affinity with Earth magic, but his passion was Illusion.

    Likes & Dislikes

    He harboured a distaste for dark caves and dead things. Good wine and long walks in the woods were very pleasing to him.

    Virtues & Personality perks

    All who met him were impressed with his wit and his attentiveness.

    Vices & Personality flaws

    Those same people were often put off by his love for crude jokes.


    Contacts & Relations

    He was known to the Gratic Empire as a soldier (albeit not a distinguished one). He is even more well-known to those who study Earth and Terran Humans, as his book is central to understanding human culture and society.

    Family Ties

    He never married or had children. His family was very poor and their names are not known.

    Religious Views

    Alan went to Dwarven ceremonies all the time as a youth, but after leaving his hold did not attend such ceremonies again.

    Social Aptitude

    Although he had a celebrated confidence, he was in actuality rarely seen in public - presumably by choice.

    Hobbies & Pets

    Writing was his main passion, but he was a warrior first. Although he lacked any discernible skill in it, he did play Frewsân often.


    He was fond of using wit while speaking, but also understood the importance of listening.

    Wealth & Financial state

    He generally lived the poor life of a mercenary in the years before The Change. After that, he was reasonably wealthy, as his book did very well.
    1773 CE 1892 CE
    Small and brown
    Short and black
    125 lbs.
    Known Languages
  • Spoke Common Dwarvish fluently.
  • Was familiar with Common Gratic.
  • Knew a few phrases of Hayimic.
  • Art Credit: emperorcharlesii (me!)

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