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Masters are mages in the Seven who have completed the Gauntlet and therefore completed their apprenticeship. Basically, they have a much more complete control over their abilities and have enough of a background in demonology, multiverse theory and magical theory that they can be reasonably left to their own devices. This means that they now have a list of rights and responsibilities that they did not have as Apprentices, making them fully-fledged members of the Seven   


Masters have much more rights under the laws of the Seven than Apprentices do, simply due to their time in the organization and their increased magical prowess and knowledge. A non-exhaustive list of their rights includes:
  • The ability to hold property in the Sunless City and work there. Only Masters can get a hold of the proper permits and registrations needed to do this;
  • The capacity to hold public office and work in the Seven's various Departments in a professional position. Many of these positions require a Mastery in order to be able to fulfill their roles in a satisfactory manner; and
  • The freedom of travel and retirement. As long as the request is made in a sound and respectful manner, a Master can go anywhere in the multiverse that they wish, and also can request the funds or means to settle down somewhere once their careers are over.
More specific and legal definitions for these rights are listed in the Seven's charter.  


Being a Master also comes with a set of responsibilities. These are a little more vague than the rights described above and aren't laid out in law, and honestly constitute more a list of "best practices" for Masters. Many don't completely abide by the list but are still very good members of the Seven in other respects. In any case, the common themes of responsible Masters include:
  • Help defend against the demon incursions, doing their part to help fulfill the Seven's central mandate;
  • Being open and accepting to other cultures and willing to discuss their own objectively, opening up a dialogue on how varied and diverse the Seven is;
  • Help contribute to the increased knowledge of magic, the multiverse, demons, and magical sciences for the express purpose of preserving that knowledge for generations to come.
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Masters and Apprentices

Many believe that a Master is simply the person who keeps an eye on an Apprentice, but this not the case. First, one can easily be a Master and have no Apprentices at all; most Masters do, in fact. Similarly, Apprentices might not have a singular Master or even a Master at all, although the second possibility is very rare. For example, the students at the Circum Academy often rotate between Professors, and some mages have such difficulty accessing magical training that they stay Apprentices even after having "graduated" in a practical sense. All this being said, only a Master can legally train an Apprentice; other Apprentices cannot for obvious reasons.

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I like how you turned the "master and apprentice" trope on its head here.

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