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The Circum Academy

It's hard work, but I can't complain. I was just in class when I got the sense that I couldn't imagine learning about the multiverse anywhere else. I really can't!
— A student at the Circum Academy
The Centre for Magical Studies is housed in the modern-looking building of the Circum Academy. This large skyscraper is easily the tallest building in town and a shining example of The Seven's initiative in combatting the misinformation that prevents them from completing their primary goals.  

An Architectural Mix

Since the peoples of the multiverse come from all kinds of worlds and an infinite variety number of cultures, the people who redesigned the Circum Academy's new building wanted it to be a reflection of that diversity. The architects decided on an Earth-style skyscraper, taking advantage of the height of the Argent Wards to make the biggest building that the Sunless City has ever seen. However, the interior of the building has architectures from nearly every culture in the multiverse. There are rooms with Banai icework, soaring columns of Lizardkin stonework, an entire floor that resembles a Gratic temple, and rooms resembling the lecture halls of famous Earth universities.  

Services and Floor Plan

The Circum Academy is not meant to be just a school; it's basically the premier conference centre in the city. The Centre for Magical Studies often rents out rooms for speakers and meetings for other Departments, aiming to provide a hospitable setting for important discussions. Most of these seminar rooms are located on the bottom floors so that people visiting the city don't need to climb to incredibly high levels in order to get to these places.   Above those floors are the floors where students of the Academy sleep. They are relatively small rooms simply to prevent long travel times to and from classes, particularly for students with mobility aids who might need the building's limited elevators. Just above them are the classrooms themselves, whether they are more practical training rooms or ones more related to theory work. There is an entire floor above that that is a library of magical texts for students and faculty to study in.   The remaining levels above the Academy proper are the administrative floors and meetings rooms for the Centre's own mages. The Head Professor, the other Professors in the Centre, and their administrative assistants and secretaries all have offices in this part of the building.
Alternative Names
The Academy of the Seven (previous name)
College / Academy
Parent Location
Owning Organization

Young and Old

Much like the Central Portal Office, the Circum Academy's old campus is still used in the Sunless City. Unlike the former Portal Office, the old building of the Circum Academy is still used, although it is not open to the public. It is a small grey stone building, in the architectural style of the Grequin houses back on the planet of Renath. Sophonts have been seen entering and exiting the building, but no one is quite sure what their profession is or what relationship they have with each other.

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Oct 29, 2022 23:48 by Molly Marjorie

What a neat place! I really like the description of the architecture.

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