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Sixten Gardens

Whenever people in the Sunless City want to unwind away from the crush of the crowds of Main Street and closer to the natural world often find themselves in the Sixten Gardens. This large section of the city has been set aside as a recreational area for the citizens of Limbo, as well as the place where permanent residents of the city can elect to be interred when they die.  

Productive Parkland

I think my favourite pastime since I changed house is walking in the jungle area of the Gardens. It reminds me a lot of the sweltering heat and smells of my homeland, minus the flies and the possibility of a jungle cat to try and eat me.
— A citizen of the Sunless City
The part of the Sixten Gardens that most people tend to frequent is the gardens and recreation areas of the park. While the red dust-like dirt of the dimension doesn't serve as quality soil for growing plants, transported earth, regimented watering and artificial sunlight in the form of floating sun-like orbs does well enough. Carefully managed by the grounds crew, this vegetation allows a small variety of biomes, from grasslands to jungle to boreal forest, to exist in the otherwise barren wasteland of the city.   This serves an important function for the city's inhabitants. While some inhabitants of Earth or Dreandril might be used to a purely urban life, the vast majority of settled worlds are still rather deeply connected to nature. That means the paved streets, the long-dried wooden exteriors of shops and the artificial taste of the air in the Sunless City can get rather depressing. Having a parkland like this means that the city has somewhere to take a load off and enjoy themselves whenever they aren't working or conducting business.  

Returning to Dust

I miss my Master every day. In accordance with his final instructions to me, I leave a singular loaf of bread on his grave every day when I wake. While I don't normally believe in a god, I hope someone or something watches over him now.
— Another citizen of the Sunless City
Thankfully, death in the Sunless City is rather rare. Even then, seeing as there is only a very small number of people that were born and raised here, most people prefer to be buried, cremated or mourned by people of their own culture on their own world. All that being said, plots in the Sixten Gardens have been set aside by the Seven for those who wish them.   These plots aren't for sale in the proper sense of the term, as currency is a bit meaningless in this city. Rather, one's plot in the Sixten Gardens is earned through hard work for the betterment of the Seven and mages in general. Famous heroes of the Seven, every Keeper and all the various workers who have made the city a better place through years of toil are gifted, at the end of the careers and the end of their natural life, with a spot in this place if they so wish. There, they will be honoured by everyone who goes through the park, their grave markers and mausoleums a shining example to the many mages currently living in the city.
Parent Location
Ruling/Owning Rank
Owning Organization

Maintenance and Administration

The Department of Public Projects is the main organization that runs and manages the Sixten Gardens. They were the ones to initial plan and construct the park, naming it for the sixteen Public Projects employees who originally collaborated on and presented the current design of the place. The Department hires the workers who make sure the park stays clean and tidy, and sees to the satisfaction and comfort of anyone relaxing in the park.   In addition, they handle the constant maintenance of the charms and physical needs of the plants and buildings themselves. As mentioned in the main article, there is a complex system of heat, cold, humidity, dryness, sunlight and darkness that keeps the plants of the garden growing strong and healthy. The Department of Public Projects has a team of scientists and magical researchers who are constantly working on this system in an attempt to maximize citizen enjoyment of the park without harming the plant life that unnaturally grow here.
Sometimes you just need to sit on a grassy knoll and calm down a bit before continuing your day.
Lafáiron proverb

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