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The Baited Goblet

You sure you weren't lookin' for the Bloodied Chalice? The names are similar, wouldn't fault ya for makin' that mistake!
Garnal, the owner of the Baited Goblet
Everyone goes to the Bloodied Chalice to get work or rub shoulders with the local movers and shakers; everyone goes to the Baited Goblet to get drunk and forget their troubles. Run by a jokester with a heart of gold, the place is often referred to as a dive but never in a negative way.  


People who can't afford the high prices of the Bloodied Chalice often find their way here to spend the night. They quickly discover that the Sunless City's lack of currency means Garnal plays the worst of his jokes on them: he gives them a shot of one of the strangest liquors in the establishment, and if they don't get completely trashed, they get to spend as long as they want. Some of the drinks turn the skin strange colours, some of them have incredibly odd tastes, and still others probably aren't for sophont consumption. In any case, Garnal gets a kick from watching them squirm, and they get a room for free.   Locals who wander into the Baited Goblet are usually just looking for a way to unwind from a long day working in the city's many Departments. For them, Garnal keeps a huge number of liquors from all known worlds on tap; the only requirement that he has for them is that they have to be strong. Regulars aren't subjected to the hazing that he visits on newcomers, but they do have to suffer through some of his more inane jokes.
Parent Location


The place looks like yet another of the tall and eccentric shops that line Main Street, the bricks coloured a dark blood-like red. A swinging sign just above the door is the only indication that the place is a bar, the word "beer" in East Geldonan and the image of an overflowing mug of ale painted in bright colours on it.   The interior of the place is very loud, the air filled with the sounds of dozens of languages. The tables and chairs are scratched and damaged from many years of heavy use, and the mugs and tankards decorating them are in similar poor condition. The only things kept in good condition here are the rooms themselves, which aren't the lap of luxury but are definitely better quality than an inn on Renath or Endaman.

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14 Oct, 2022 02:08

lolol I love the color this place adds. All I could think was, "I better never go there" because I'm not a fan of alcohol. But the description of what the places looks like is not only amusing, it's very realistic. I'm pretty sure there's a place that looks about like that around here....

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