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Filarwo Hospital

All you need to know is that it's full of sick people and doctors. So unless you're into that kind of thing I think you'd rather not need to go there, to be perfectly honest.
— Overheard from a guide in the Sunless City
  When you can collect the best healers and herbalists from across the multiverse and a main directive that involves conflicts with dangerous demons, a hospital becomes an important necessity. The sheer variety of diseases, maladies, conditions, injuries, deaths and other physical, mental and magical effects means that something like this also doubles as a place to research these things in order to keep the people of Limbo safe from the ravages of the rest of the multiverse.

Endless Examinations

The hospital is a large brown-brick building located in the main district of Limbo, just behind the Central Portal Office and sandwiched between The Circum Academy and the Council chambers. The building is five stories tall, which makes it one of the largest buildings in the city, only dwarfed by the headquarters of The Seven's Chosen and the Circum Academy.    The interior is a veritable maze of operating rooms, wards dedicated to every magical and mundane disease under the sun, and meeting rooms and lecture halls where the medical professionals of the building discuss the most cutting-edge healing techniques. Visitors often need to have a map or a guide on hand to help them navigate the corridors of the complex.
Parent Location
Owning Organization

Research Meetings

Many of the top magical researchers meet here rather than the Circum Academy. The two buildings are right next to each other, for one thing. As well, most of those researchers are interested in topics such as Dimensional Corruption, The Change, and other magical conditions and effects, meaning that they would be regularly doing work in the building anyway. It has now became a trend to meet here among anyone looking to hobnob with the best and brightest of the Sunless City.

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