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The Seven's Chosen

Here's the thing. Everyone always goes on about how beautiful the multiverse is, how diverse and kind the people are, that sort of thing. But I've seen horrors that'd make you run screaming to your mother. I've seen good people turn to evil because they've lost all hope. It's lost that appeal for me, really.
— A veteran of the Seven's Chosen
Whenever the demonic forces threatening our dimension become too great, it's usually the Seven's Chosen who are dispatched to handle them. These people are often drafted into The Seven's military arm in order to keep the rest of the Sunless City and the wider multiverse safe from those who seek to destroy it. It's the Chosen that has preserved the peace in the Sunless City and in the multiverse as a whole for the past century and a half, but new forces might just tear it apart.  

Campaigning But Never Conquering

When many people see the Chosen as an army, their immediate worry is that the Seven are planning on a form of military expansion. This could not be any further from the truth; the Seven have very little interest in meddling in the political life of the multiverse. In fact, the opposite is true; the Seven want to be detached from personal attachments and political systems in order to focus on demon eradication.   The Chosen instead are an army in the sense that they are trained to deal with demons in a violent manner. Most use their magical abilities for harm, aiming to annihilate any and all demons that they come across before the demons can harm innocent lives. Others are there to be medics, demonology specialists or other crucial auxiliary forces to help these soldiers do that as efficiently and safely as possible.
Worried about the constant threat of demonic invasion? Want to fulfill your civic duty through danger and excitement? You should really consider going to work for the Chosen! Whether your skills are in combat, healing, planning or field knowledge, the Chosen have somewhere where you can shine and help keep the Multiverse safe!
— Poster in Limbo

Ranks, Campaigns and Missions

The vast majority of people who are in the Chosen aren't really involved in the Chosen's decision making process. That luxury is given to the Head General of the Chosen and their Generals , who use the information given by other Departments to plan out campaigns throughout the multiverse. Much of the important work of planning the tasks and goals of a campaign is in the hands of a General's various Lieutenants, who also form all the squadrons for the individual goals and missions of a given campaign. Each squadron has a Captain who manages the actions and fulfills the orders of a Lieutenant or General.    The vast majority of people in the Chosen are simple soldiers, not in charge of their squadrons and answering to their Captains or rarely to a Lieutenant. They go on missions, which have specific goals in mind. This goal might be closing a rift, opening up a supply line for another squadron, or naturally banishing or destroying demons. Based on changing conditions on the battlefield, a squadron's mission could change as well. The successful completion of a mission and a campaign are celebrated back in Limbo, often by the Head General himself in recent years.
Military, Army
Alternative Names
The Seven's Chosen Army (former), TSC
Parent Organization
Related Ranks & Titles

Recent Campaigns

Recent shakeups in the organization mean that the pace of campaigning has slowed considerably in the past couple of months. The most recent large-scale campaign to the Dark Forest of Endaman took three separate Generals to coordinate due to the size and uninhabited nature of the terrain, as well as the sheer numbers of rifts and tears in reality that happened in that region. The Chosen lost quite a few soldiers in the forest, as the mission was very difficult and required considerable manpower to carefully comb through the area. Due to this, the campaign wasn't very well received in the Sunless City and the recurring column on it in the Multiverse Review led to some grumbling from citizens.    There are current plans to start many smaller campaigns on Earth in order to deal with a rising demon population, particularly of Fire demons which are some of the most dangerous kinds. The Terra Doctrine means that the work has to be kept very secret and requires a lot of very delicate planning in order to remove the threat without drawing attention to themselves.
Many wonder whether the Chosen really have a right to handle these sorts of conflicts or whether it would be wiser to leave it to the peoples of the worlds to handle. But what if the peoples of the worlds of the multiverse fail? It's terrifying to think about but a very real worry.

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