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The Multiverse Review

The Multiverse Review - your Sunless City's source for news, announcements and everything you need to know about the multiverse!
— Front cover blurb of the Multiverse Review
Go to any major store in Limbo, and you will undoubtedly hear some chatter about the most recent issue of the Multiverse Review. This daily journal is published every Earth morning under the auspices of its head editor, Andrew Gillespie, and his various journalists and writers. The newspaper contains news of recent decisions and events in the Seven, announcements of new rules or requested meetings between various Departments and sub-Departments, and advertisements for various local businesses.  

By the People, For the People

The Multiverse Review is staffed by around two dozen writers, photographers, artists, printers, distributors and editors, all of them from a variety of different worlds and backgrounds in the multiverse. They all work together under Andrew's direction to deliver quality journalism to the Sunless City, as well as to various Sanctuaries and guilds throughout the multiverse.   A given story starts as an event, to which Andrew sends a journalist and occasionally a photographer to record what happens, what it means for the city and where it goes in the paper - less important stories go further back in the paper, more important ones closer to the front. This raw information either gets rewritten into the raw text of a story by the journalist themself or is given to an established writer to be reworked. An editor goes over the text, making sure there aren't any mistakes and making sure it's important enough to be included. Then artists and editors work on where it goes in the story, where photographs will go, where advertisements will be placed on a given page, and other space and layout concerns. Then the finished pages are given to Andrew, who sends them to the printers to be made into the day's issue, printed on special Universally Translated Paper. Afterwards the finished issue is given to distributors to be delivered to important points in the Sunless City and across the multiverse.
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The Multiverse Review contains space where businesses and organizations can place marketing materials so they can get more visibility or customers. Businesses that get this advertising space tend to be only local ones in the Sunless City, just due to the 85% of the paper's readership being in Limbo. Organizations, meanwhile, can be activist groups, movements, and concerned citizens from across the multiverse.  

Where to Get It

Copies of the current issue of the Multiverse Review can be gotten from small painted metal boxes resembling Earth-style mailboxes throughout the city. All issues of the Multiverse Review, from its first to the most recent, are also kept in the Borarian Library of Archives. Outside of the city, local organizations that often interface with the Seven might have several recent issues kept in their libraries or even in guest quarters.

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