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Borarian Library of Archives

To know is to combat the spread of ignorance, to understand the beautiful complexity of our world.
— An inscription on the front door of the Borarian Library of Archives
Ask any member of the Seven residing in Limbo a question that they don't know the answer to, and their first response will be "Look it up in the Archives." While the The Centre for Magical Studies handles the study of magic, demons, and dimensions beyond this one, the staff of the Borarian Library of Archives handles the exploration of the myriad of cultures, planets and natural phenomena of this one.  

An Unassuming Building...

Initial visitors to the Sunless City might believe the Borarian Library to be part of the towering majesty of the Circum Academy or one of the many Departmental offices surrounding the Central Portal Office. The truth is that the Borarian Library was meant to be a building of little importance, thereby keeping its precious contents safe in the event of an attack. The actual establishment is a small, squat, stone, square building with very few windows located just across the avenue from the Council Chambers.  

...Containing Everything You Need To Know

The interior is a panoply of dark wood shelves with books on literally anything. There's rare treatises on the mushroom biodiversity of Anotaash, deep dives into the cultural effects of the Gashir, rare literary texts from the Flowering Age of the Binian League, and everything and anything from anywhere and any time. A group of librarians under the auspices of the Endless Sophos keep the library organized and surveil anyone who does research here to ensure the protection of the literature.
Parent Location
Owning Organization

Where is the Scalegrey Institute?

Visitors to the Borarian Library often wonder where their splinter organization, the Scalegrey Institute are located. Due to the Library's lack of access to the general public without prior authorization and supervision, the Scalegrey Institute moved to a separate building just down the road to save the librarians the headache. A couple of representatives of the Institute do work here, doing research into certain statements and compiling the statements into cultural research that the Library can publish.
When they say you can find anything at the Library, they really mean an-y-thing!
— overheard in the Baited Goblet

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