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The Endless Sophos

To know is to combat the spread of ignorance, to understand the beautiful complexity of our world.
— An inscription on the front door of the Borarian Library of Archives
When the multiverse is as large as it is, there becomes so much to learn. Four inhabited worlds and one inhabited demi-plane means tens of thousands of cultures, tens of billions of people, and several thousand years of history for a researcher to pour over and understand. That is the Endless Sophos: the pursuit of all knowledge, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem.  

More Than Just Librarians

Everyone knows that the Endless Sophos handles the many thousands of books deep in the Borarian Library of Archives. Most don't really deal with them except when their research leads them to borrow a book or talk to one of their head researchers, but their task is one of the most important ones. Considering the dangers of the multiverse, there is a chance that rare knowledge could become lost if it is not protected. Due to the relative safety and timely magical aid that the people of Limbo have, the Sophos decided to store all their combined knowledge here so it can be saved for future generations.   They need to get these books and oral recordings somehow, so they have a variety of minor organizations that they use to collect these things and research new discoveries and unknown information about the multiverse; a couple of these organizations are discussed in the sidebar of this article.  

Knowledge for Knowledge's Sake

The Sophos would take your granny's soup recipes if you offered it to 'em.
— A common joke in Limbo
No piece of information is too obscure or impractical for the Sophos to know. If you happen to be an expert on ancient Penian folklore, your treatises are important for them to have to record for posterity. The same thing applies if you might be the only person to have encountered a particular mythic creature, or the only person who knows the exact recipe for a kind of rare salve. They'd rather have piles of useless information than lose even a little cultural history to the ravages of time; in their mind, too much has already been lost to be picky now.
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Splinter Organizations

As can be ascertained from its name, the Endless Sophos has quite a large number of smaller groups and Sub-Departments that it oversees, including:
  • The Centre for Magical Studies, an organization that is mostly independent of the Endless Sophos and specializes in information about demonology, alchemy, dimensions and magical theory;
  • The Scalegrey Institute, one of the ways that researchers learn about the multiverse: witness statements of cultural events, historical happenings, and odd sightings; and
  • The Bookbinder Group, who handle the purchase and preservation of the Sophos's large collection of books. 

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Aug 28, 2022 02:38 by Molly Marjorie

I love the concept of an organization that collects all information, without regard to perceived use (especially the joke about granny's soup recipe.)

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