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Department of Transport

When you need to get there, count on us to deliver!
— Advertisement for the Department of Transport
A city as big as Limbo requires people and supplies to stay afloat. It's also a big hub of immigration, emigration, and travel between the various worlds of the multiverse. That's why one of the most crucial Departments of the city is the Department of Transport. This collection of guides, clerks, accountants, merchants and shipping companies helps keep the city a permanent fixture of the landscape of the multiverse. This support is felt from the moment one steps through a Portal to the city to their last voyages into the multiverse.  

Not Just Deliveries

The Department of Transport is laser-focused on the idea of transportation in any and all meanings of the word. Naturally this applies to the transportation of goods; whether it is potion ingredients, rare antiquities, or even basic foodstuffs and furniture, the Department of Transport handles their arrival in the city and their shipment to homes and businesses. This also includes mail and personal deliveries, leading to its function as the city's lettermaster.   However, many people know it as the people who run the Central Portal Office, the city's main transportation hub. There, one main goal is to ship people to wherever in the multiverse they are needed. Portals in the building can take a mage to whichever world and place they would like to long as they have the right papers from the Department, of course.   For those who have the penchant for travelling the multiverse but aren't familiar with the local culture, the Department has them covered. In return for providing employment and opportunities to these people from every world, the Department runs the services known as Worldguides. These guides are trained in local culture and traditions and are the perfect accompaniment to any excursion into the multiverse.   
C'mon, if you need help getting around the city, you need to get a Worldguide! They're free, you know, and super helpful. I wish someone had told me about them before travelling to the city for the first time...I would have found my friend's house so much quicker!
— an anonymous citizen of Limbo
  Lastly, new arrivals in the Sunless City need to report to the Central Portal Office in order to be registered and properly documented by the Department. This simply verifies that they are new prospective citizens and establishes their records for the city. If a person wants to have these records destroyed at a later date, they can be. If they want to claim a home or become a permanent member of the city, the Department handles that paperwork as well.
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The Central Portal Office and Other Offices

The Central Portal Office is the main building where the clerks and administrators of the Department can be found. They mostly work in the building's main foyer, where there are rows and rows of desks of clerks filing paperwork, discussing travel plans with citizens of the city, and processing immigration claims for new arrivals. The Worldguides and Portal Engineers for the organization work here as well, as well as at various small kiosks in the Sunless City and in various Renathian cities and Earth Sanctuaries.
I mean, it's like if you wrapped a shipping company, every post office, every airline company and an immigration office into one big thing and made it magic.
— A Terran describing the Department

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