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The Filarwo Hospital Association

For Your Continued Health and Comfort, please refrain from using any Mind-based magicks in this ward due to the sensibility of the patients occupying it. Thank you!
— a sign found in a ward at the Filarwo Hospital
For every hospital, there must be a staff, and Filarwo Hospital is no exception. The Filarwo Hospital Association handles all the injured and sick from across the multiverse, using both magical and mundane methods of healing to help their patients recover. In addition, the data from these medical cases helps create new treatments and surgeries to help the next patient and the advancement of scientific knowledge in general.  

Treatment Methodology and Diversity

The association prefers magical to mundane treatments, simply as magic would be accessible to those with sufficient skilled in a pinch while more mundane methods may need specialty training, required equipment and materials, and permission from cultural groups in case the method of healing is religious or significantly unique enough. That being said, this is mostly for practical reasons, and practitioners of any form of healing will be accepted in the association. The only requirement that these treatments have to do demonstrable healing work. That means that those who are master surgeons, people who use religious or divine healing, those who use medicinal herbs and plants, and people whose healing is even more esoteric ways are all accepted into the association.  

Education and Ranks

The Filarwo Hospital Association's researchers are often also teachers at the Circum Academy, many of whom are specialists in Health magic. They often teach classes at the academy, training the next generation of mages destined to walk the halls of the hospital. These researchers are led by the Head of Physicians who is the direction of the association and its spokesperson to the wider community of Limbo.

For Your Continued Health and Comfort

Research, Medical
Parent Organization
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Relationship With Other Organizations

The Filarwo Hospital has a very powerful pull with the various organizations in Limbo. They provide information on demon attacks to the Centre for Magical Studies, not to mention magical mishaps or other magical happenings. Information on cultural remedies and treatments are also often turned over to the Endless Sophos for further research and documentation. Lastly, if a case goes poorly enough and the patient dies, they are often handed over to the Department of Public Projects to be interred in the Sixten Gardens.   At the same time, the members of the Association often lament that the Head of Physicians does not have a seat on the Council of the Keepers. It appears that the Council has not been sharing their enthusiasm, however.

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