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" As King Elmar lay on the ground, with the Dagger of Sepenta still sticking in his side, he begged the healers in Dendan to heal his wound, but no such power did they have against such an insidious poison. "   ~ Hayim oral tradition, The Saga of Elmar and Dilgar
  The Form of Health is denoted by the colour brown and its symbol is a man with a broken arm. All diseases and injuries can find some solace in Health magic, but many poisons and harming spells rely on it as well.   Mages with a Health Affinity are commonly found to be kind and compassionate people.   Knowledge of the injury and anatomy is necessary to properly direct and focus the healing magic. Also of use is knowledge of medicinal plants and herbs, although this is not necessary by any means.
Metaphysical, Arcane

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