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Council of the Keepers

Some would call the Council of the Keepers the room where the multiverse lives and dies, and it sure seems that way from the outside. Seeing as the council chambers are closed to the public and the people who meet there are so high up in the hierarchy of the Seven, it seems like a mystery what decisions are being made there. Recent shake-ups in the Council's membership have opened them up more, however, so many, including you, are getting their first glimpses.  

Origins and History

The Council of the Keepers has been a central part of the Seven ever since it was founded. This might seem obvious in hindsight, as the Seven were named for the Seven Keepers who made up its higher echelons, but the modern Council is very different in its composition and its relationship to the rest of the organization.   Either the mages possessing the Cubes of Power were so powerful that they had to be separated from the rest of the organization to have healthy detachment, or they were so prideful that they wanted to have an inner circle. No one is quite sure anymore, but there needed to be a place for them to discuss the running of the Seven, and so the Council was born. They guided the organization as a united force only because their disagreements and infighting happened behind closed doors, whether at their homes on the worlds or at the Council chambers in Limbo once the organization moved there.   Moving to Limbo was the moment where the Seven as a whole began to feel more independent from its mages, and the growing bureaucracy of the Departments led to a large change in the Council. Instead of the Council making all of the major decisions, that burden began to be regulated by the Departments themselves. To symbolize this, the Department heads were given a seat at the Council's table. It meant the Council felt more like a figurehead, but they still had the ability to veto the decisions of the Departments if they so wished. Until the addition of the Endaman Representative to the Council last year, this was the largest fundamental shift in the Council's make-up.  

Tasks and Responsibilities

In essence, the Council of the Keepers handles all the large-scale changes to the workings of the Seven. If a Department needs to be restructured or a large campaign needs to be waged against the demons of the multiverse, this is where that decision is made. This information is provided by the Department heads, who also lay out the options for how to proceed. The Keepers have a stronger vote at the table than the Department heads, but generally the group is very democratic, voting on all major decisions. In addition, the Council is the most visible part of the Seven's bureaucracy, so they often are the ones establishing festivals, hosting gatherings and parties, and making speeches and public appearances.
Geopolitical, City council
Leader Title
Parent Organization

Current Members

The present members of the Council of Keepers number fourteen and include the following people:

Meeting Frequency

The Council of the Keepers does not need to meet often, as each member works rather independently of the rest. At most, they meet every other week by Earth standards. In an emergency they will convene immediately, naturally, but this is extremely rare and has only happened a few times in the organization's history.

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14 Oct, 2022 02:03

I feel like this fleshes out your world. I especially like the two very different possible reasons for the formation of the council, and I am curious to know what ever caused them to have emergency meetings.   Minor editing note: The second paragraph under Origins and History" uses the word "only" twice in quick succession. It's a little clunky, though it's not wrong, so take that as you will.

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