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The Scalegrey Institute

Statement of Garhran Lethratar Porennir in regards to the proper skinning and preparation of the Manachir Bear. Collected the 22nd of Frostwind, 728 PR and archived by Framin Ferdalin, Assistant Archival Assistant.
— Blurb attached to a statement in the Institute
Whenever the Endless Sophos wants to get a primary source on some trivial bit of culture in the multiverse, they often turn to the Scalegrey Institute. An establishment that used to be run out of the library, a recent increase in the population of Limbo meant that the Institute needed its own separate building. For the Scalegrey Institute collects the only thing that can never be replaced once it is gone: the voice of a culture talking about things only it knows.  

A Wealth of First-Hand Knowledge

The goal of the Scalegrey Institute is to catalogue information on every single topic in the multiverse. This is done through the recording of statements, which are first-hand accounts of cultural knowledge, historical events, testimonials of certain people and places, and descriptions of various plants, animals, fungi, magical items, and every other object or creature imaginable.   Archival assistants and the Head Archivist take these recordings and do follow-up research on some of them if they feel it is warranted, either using other statements or their colleagues in the Borarian Library of Archives. After this initial information-gathering stage, they write a report or essay on the topic in question to be used to guide future research into the domain. The statements and report are then archived together in the Institute to be used as reference by other researchers, categorized by world, name (if given), topic and relevance to current research.  

To Collect Before It is Forgotten

A question on the lips of anyone who hears of the Institute and its work is "Why?" Why go to all these lengths to record and research seemingly-random statements from anyone with time to spare and a story to tell? The work is hardly illuminating many days, and the topics can often be so esoteric that it might take weeks to make heads or tails of a statement. The answer is that, like the Endless Sophos, the Scalegrey Institute does not discriminate between important knowledge and trivia. Any piece of cultural knowledge housed within its walls is another piece saved from the ravages of time, and that's a victory in itself.

One Statement, One Voice; A Thousand Statements, A Symphony.

Educational, Scientific Institute
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The Institute Building

Right next door to the Borarian Library of Archives is the smaller but equally as unadorned building that houses the Institute. The bottom floor is the only one open to the general public, where statement givers are led to rooms with Veras Crystals, pen and paper, or other methods of recording; the offices of the Head Archivist and their assistants are also found on this floor. The floors above and below it are where the various statements are stored, each category and world having its own section so as to speed up filing and organization.

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