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Department Head

For every Department in the Seven, there is a Department Head that runs it. While each Department has different goals and domains in the Sunless City and in the organization of the Seven, the responsibilities of the Department Heads are all rather similar. They also have the same level of importance in the city's politics and are often close friends.  


According to the Charter of the Seven, the Heads of Departments have to carry out some duties, and many of them also have additional responsibilities conferred by the Department itself. These responsibilities include:
  • The continued management of the Department, whether that be the hiring of new Professors for the Head Professor or the Head of Physician approving new experimental treatments;
  • Being the public face of the Department, most importantly for the Head of Outreach and the Head of Public Projects who have a very direct role in public opinion; and
  • Promoting the interests of the Department at the Council of the Keepers, at which each Department Head has a seat (except for the Head of Physicians and Head Archivist).

Current Heads

There are nine Departments under the Seven's banner, and each one has a Department Head. Each Department Head's title is specific to the Department they run:

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