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Terran Human mage culture is often concentrated in Sanctuaries, but many others work in magical institutes of higher learning equally as well hidden. One such academy is the Tovenaargenezingsinstituut or TGI in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. This centre is, as the Dutch name suggests, an "institute for mage healing" which works on improving the magical medical care given in places like Filarwo Hospital in Limbo. Specializing in the adaptation of advanced Terran medical sciences to magical healing, it has revolutionized the study of Health magic 

Departmentally Sanctioned Research

The TGI focuses on research related to Health magic exclusively, unlike many other magical universities of its kind on Earth. In the various classrooms and operating labs of the underground complex, the diverse researchers and mundane doctors teach the next generation of trained medics and Health magic experts. They naturally also work on their own experiments; some of the breakthroughs discovered here include:
  • magical anatomy for Terran mages to better treat problems of the magical organ created by the Change;
  • the implementation of various Terran medical practices that are significantly less common in the rest of the multiverse, such as sanitization practices and surgical instrumentation; and
  • the discovery that certain medications such as aspirin and some narcotics can inhibit or mask the appearance of magical abilities.

Building Layout and Location

  Mages access the TGI through a building purchased by the institute near the Crooswijk Cemetery in the north end of the city's downtown area. The rooms inside have been magically engineered to take up much less space than the thin residential block would normally allow for so the institute is actually very large. Much of this space is underground, going underneath the cemetery in some places. Classrooms and laboratories were haphazardly built underground and use artificial lighting while the main offices of the TGI are in the aboveground parts of the building.
Founding Date
Alternative Names
Het TGI (hit tee-khee-ee)
University / Educational complex
Parent Location
Owning Organization


The Rotterdamtovenaargemeente (RTG) bought the institute's main building not long after World War II during the planning phase for a secondary Sanctuary in the city. When the location was passed over due to its proximity to two major cemeteries (and therefore worries of Ghosts or other undead), it was instead given over to the Filarwo Hospital Association to be the site of a centre for magical learning in the medical fields. The Terran magical community immediately flocked to the building and it quickly became the powerhouse of learning and medical research that it is today.
All art used in this article is made by me EmperorCharlesII unless otherwise credited.

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