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The Centre for Magical Studies

The Centre for Magical Studies handles research into the most important topic being discussed in the multiverse today: magic itself. Researchers from this central institution lead experiments into the nature of magic, where it comes from, the denizens of and the physics of other dimensions, and how magical energy affects the multiverse. These academics are the best of the best, by their own admission, and those looking to be informed about the magical themes of the multiverse can have no better reference.  

Areas of Research

Three main areas of scientific inquiry are being explored at the Centre for Magical Studies at this time, including the following:  

Magical Theory

The one thing that knits this huge multiverse together, the actual building blocks and origins of magical energy are only beginning to be understood. The most recent breakthrough in this area of research is the development of Form Theory, the model where magical energy is divided into eleven basic Forms that combine to form effects. Continuing research into this topic is attempting to subdivide the Forms even further, perhaps combining it with existing models based on its dimension of origin.


A continuous threat from beyond the confines of this dimension, knowing more about demons would help prevent the destruction and chaos they cause. Much of the research here is the arduous task of cataloguing every kind of demon that exists, categorizing them by dimension of origin. Further areas of interest for academics in this field would be exploring the multitude of dimensions these creatures come from, as well as better understanding the seemingly-random manner through which demons enter this dimension.

The Multiverse

The multiverse is a big place, and its structure and how magic came to exist in it are not very well known. For example, why does Renath have magical cultures stretching back all the way to the world's creation, but Earth's mages only have a history of a couple of centuries? This is one of the much more recent areas of exploration opened up by other topics of research, and only the barest hints of information have been gleaned thus far.

Knowledge Over Ignorance, Wisdom Over Blindness.

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The Circum Academy

One of the major tasks carried out by the Centre for Magical Studies is the education of Apprentices who do not have a Master to teach them. These Apprentices are enrolled in the Circum Academy's rather relaxed teaching style. What the Academy cannot provide in one-on-one instruction, it makes up for by having the best pedagogical support the multiverse can provide. These classrooms and laboratories are located in the lower levels of the building that bares the Academy's name.

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