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"I understand that the rules are to keep me safe from the dangers of the multiverse, but it's going to be dangerous regardless! I need to learn how to protect myself-"   "You're staying at home and that's final."   "But Master-"   "No buts. It's the rules!"
— A conversation overheard in Limbo
Those who have not yet completed the Gauntlet are known as Apprentices. They have a different set of rules and regulations than the Masters they learn under and have very limited mobility in the Seven. Preparing for and completing the Gauntlet is their main priority, and one's existence as an Apprentice is merely a stepping stone to bigger and better things.  


Apprentices are different from Masters in that most of their rights are restricted for their own safety. As Apprentices are still learning about the multiverse, demons and magic, they are very vulnerable. Because of this, the Seven have instituted the following rules:
  • Apprentices are not allowed to travel the multiverse without a Master - not necessarily their own Master - and without express permission from their Master;
  • Apprentices cannot hold public office in the Seven, and cannot be expected to do tasks requiring significant magical prowess;
  • Apprentices may be moved from world to world at the Seven's discretion, whether it be for their safety in times of trouble or in case of tragedy; and
  • Apprentices cannot be entrusted with magical artifacts or powerful items unless there is no other wielder - that is, they are chosen by an artifact and cannot be unbonded - or in times of extreme personal danger.
There is constant debate in the Seven about the fairness or nuance of these restrictions, but generally they are viewed positively. 
And then I said heck it, and I walked straight out the door right in front of her! I'm an adult and I can take care of myself, demons be damned!
— overheard from an Apprentice in a tavern in the Sunless City

A Day In The Life

The life of an Apprentice is usually molded around study and practice, as the sooner they can complete the Gauntlet, the sooner they can participate in the Seven in a more direct way. That means that daily lessons with their Master or with Professors is a common occurrence. Their free time is often spent practicing Magical Forms, researching demons and the multiverse, and chatting with other Apprentices.   Of course, this is merely the most traditional way of teaching an Apprentice. Some Masters have been known to use more unorthodox methods of teaching that involve seclusion in the wilderness, tests and trials, or more practical learning. Influences from Earth pedagogy have begun to revolutionize the way in which Masters teach their Apprentices.
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The Gauntlet

Long-Term and Non-Traditional Apprentices

One's Apprenticeship is meant to be temporary until one gets a handle on their abilities and goes through the examination of the Gauntlet. However, some mages have been reported to have been Apprentices for many years due to a variety of factors. Some simply never got assigned to a Master and so had no guidance when learning their abilities; others had significant learning disabilities or magical deficiencies that made the Gauntlet incredibly difficult or even deadly for them; a very small number have stayed Apprentices for years due to clerical errors. In addition, Clairvoyants take on students who are also called Apprentices, who might be Masters in a legal sense.  

Taking On Apprentices

Any Master can take on an Apprentice if they so choose; unlike commonly believed by outsiders, the Seven does not force its Masters to teach new mages. The rules regarding taking on an Apprentice are:
  • A Master cannot have more than one Apprentice unless they are a Professor or have clearance from the Seven to do so;
  • Preference is given to Masters having Apprentices from the same world or culture for communication reasons; and
  • Masters need to give over a certain amount of information about their Apprentices to the Seven for the purposes of registration and administration.

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