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Believed to originate from another dimension, magic arrived in our universe when demons first appeared. Ever since then, humanoid creatures have undergone The Change and become mages.   Magic is - contrary to common belief and no small amount of disinformation from mages themselves - not incredibly complicated, but anywhere from one to three years of study is necessary in order to be able to control it with any efficiency or regularity.   Magic can be subdivided into many separate disciplines and areas of expertise, called Forms:  

There are also a variety of magical arts, such as Alchemy and Enchantment, that are a departure from these "hermetic" forms.


To mages, demons, and non-magical creatures on Level 3 worlds, magic manifests normally. To non-magical creatures on Level 1 or 2 worlds, magic is invisible but might be felt as a strange sensation, smell, etc.

Metaphysical, Arcane

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