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The world of Orkanis, built on the ruins of the three bygone eras and partway through one of exploration, discovery, and invention.
  Ah, Orkanis. This glorious world has come a long way since its early days, when the gods fought over it and broke its continents in their wars. Now it is a place where new lands are constantly discovered, wonderful new mechanical contraptions are being built, and peoples that once were enemies have found common ground.  

A Land of Upheaval

After the Great Sundering some 1600 years ago, the great supercontinent of Daganti was ripped apart and sunken, and a couple of new continents formed: Sedesta, Kerath, and the hundreds of islands of The Thousand Stars in between the two. Sedesta in particular has been wracked by wars, supernatural events, and unexplained destruction since then, transcending that loss to become the technological centre of Orkanis.  

A Land of Discovery

The continents of Sedesta and Kerath are so far from one another that the two have only recently begun to converse amongst each other. The destructive waters of the Sea of Tears haven't been able to deter many Sedestan explorers (such as Drek Orenaid) from journeying across to the western lands of Kerath. Exchanging goods, ideas, and cultural notes, the two have begun to piece together a history that ties them together.  

A Land of Invention

The newest sensation to strike the continent of Sedesta came with the invention of gunpowder. While most Sedestans have yet to hold a gun or see it fired, the armies of Orkanis have begun to use more complicated weaponry to keep their citizens safe from the monsters lurking in the shadows. Another handy invention that has begun to change the life of many of Sedesta's larger cities: electricity. Steam-powered Factories, run by independent businessmen called Factors, have lit up the dark nights of much of Loria and De'aria as workers toil day and night to keep the bulbs aglow.
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Major Races

A plethora of different races with a multitude of origins populate the cities and nations of Orkanis. The five most common and influential races are:
  • Ibelilar: Graceful and ageless, the ibelilar are the wisest of the races of Orkanis
  • Tepilar: Determined and diverse, the tepilar have the most drive and are the most populous.
  • Weddelar: Strong and hardy, the weddelar are the master craftsmen of the world of Orkanis.
  • Vidashlar: Laid-back and intellectual, the vidashlar love a chat over a nice warm meal.
  • Smeloplar: Industrious and inventive, the smeloplar are responsible for many of Orkanis's technological marvels.

Major Nations

Only the main Sedestan nations are listed, as Sedesta is the only continent with clearly-defined nations as such. That being said, city-states with their own currency and culture are scattered throughout Kerath and the Thousand Stars.   The Kingdom of Loria: The core of the once-mighty Star Empire, the Lorians are the most economically and militarily powerful of the nations of Sedesta, but also the most disliked.   The Empire of Quempo: A land ruled by bureaucracy and dominated by the large untamed wilderness, the Quempians are still recovering from centuries of poverty.   The Republic of De’ari-Bomsi: With its democratically elected Thrones and its mild climate, you would expect the De'arians and Bomsians to be prosperous, but inequality is a major issue.   The Khanate of Kahari: Ruled by a military upper class, the desert-dwelling Kaharians are one of the most academically inclined of the Sedestan peoples, but also have to survive the harsh terrain.   The United Townships of Britaxia: A feudal state controlled by hundreds of squabbling knights and lords, the Britaxians continue to be viewed as backward but adventurous folk.
Art Credit: emperorcharlesii (me!)

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