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Written by EmperorCharlesII

Beros Niralko started the Factory the second he'd finished school. It was the first in Quempo. His father was so proud.   But now he's running. The sounds of creaking machinery and rushing wind fill the air. He can smell where the flames of the engines have burned the hair on his arms. But he doesn't have time; he's fleeing the huge gout of smoke behind him.   He ducks around the corner, and the flames shoot past him. He finally lets his breath go, remembering to breathe now that it's not likely to catch fire.   So much for easy riches.



Many of these people are trained engineers and scientists, while others are gifted students of the arcane. Of course, the technology is old enough and becoming widespread enough that some have inherited the position and might not forcibly have that knowledge.

Payment & Reimbursement

Factors are paid for their services by the cities that use their generated electricity. The exact amount is different for different Factors and towns, but it is usually a very large amount of money.

Other Benefits

Besides their wealth, Factors also have a very significant influence over their workers and their livelihood, sometimes compared to the power a noble has over their subjects. The workers are often at the Factor’s whim and may be indentured for life.



The Factors provide electrical power and industrially produced goods to the various Sedestan cities. Many are also on the cutting edge of technological innovation, attempting to create new inventions and technologies.

Social Status

A Factor is equivalent to a landed lord or a wealthy merchant depending on the structure of the nation in which they reside. They are very wealthy and own a significant amount of land, so political and social influence comes easily to them.


Due to their natural knack for invention, many smeloplar have become Factors in smaller towns, but the tepilar are the most commonly seen Factors.


The first steam-powered lamps were produced by Derian Falsolo in Solas in 4E 305, and De'aria still remains the country with the most Factors. They have become more common in the last few years as the industrial technology required to make them has become more widespread, but there are still only a few dozen of them at most.



Most Factories require the usage of common mechanical tools like wrenches, hammers and nails to keep everything running smoothly.


Large quantities of steel and coal help power the Factories, and the Factors help make sure that these materials can be put into practice by their workers.

Dangers & Hazards

Factories are filled with hot furnaces, strong machinery, and sometimes unreliable magic spells. As such, burns and mangled limbs are not unheard of by those working there.

Art Credit: emperorcharlesii (me!)

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