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Written by EmperorCharlesII

You smell the city of Pilash much more deeply than any other place you have been to thus far. Stepping out into the deck of your ship, the sharp smell of iron greets you well before the De'arians do.   You quickly see the innumerable clouds of steam and smoke coming from the island. A swirling mass of grey that seems out of place in the orange and red twilight, you follow the plumes to their source: the small brick Factories that provide a living for the locals.   You arrive at the main dockyards as the sun finally dips below the horizon. As your crew unloads their cargo of raw iron and copper, you watch as the city suddenly lights up. White and yellow lamps come on at once, with no one to light them. One of the many marvels of the industrial towns of De'aria is their penchant for electrical lighting at night. And the effect is stunning.   As you settle down at an inn for the night - the first non-soaked bed you have slept in in weeks - you look out the window. Down below, you see a group of soot-covered mine workers on their way back from a shift, shuffling down the road with their pick axes over their shoulders. You also see a group of guards dressed in the dark green colours of the city talking loudly with a cloaked figure.   You sigh and return to bed. You heard a couple of crew members call Pilash “the city of many layers,” but you begin to wonder whether they mean the mines or the numerous kinds of people who call this place home.


Pilash has a wide variety of races represented due to its industrial appeal. Weddelar and smeloplar originally built the mines so they outnumber the De’arian human population. Many vidashlar settled on the other greener side of the island but they too have joined the growing metropolis.


The city is run by its Throne, Aidan O'Wesel, who is elected from the local population every few years. He makes the major decisions, but the judicial work of the city is regulated through the impartial Thronehall of the city. To keep the peace, the city keeps a local guard known as the Hillguard.

Industry & Trade

Refining of ores and metals is the major industry of the city of Pilash, and what makes the city famous throughout the region. Raw metals from other ports along the Sea of Tears find their way here to be smelted and purified before being sent to other places for crafting.


The city is dominated by its half-dozen or so Factories; the large manufacturing complexes take in the metal and coal the mines produce and churn out machinery, electrical power and other important exports. They resemble large warehouses, with long smokestacks to help direct the stifling steam and smoke from inside into the air.   The town's major mine is located inside of the local mountain, and it is a marvel of old weddelar engineering. A dizzying array of stone bridges, staircases and tunnels have provided the local people with a livelihood for millennia.


Pilash used to be a small weddelar hold during the Second Era, living in isolation from their Sedestan brethren. It was believed to be separated from the mainland after the Great Sundering, creating a strong culture that still informs the city to this day.   The first vidashlar and De'arian settlers of the island came in the early Third Era, which brought an unexpected problem for the resident weddelar: disease resistance. The thousand years or so of separation from the mainland made them unprepared for the poxes and fevers of the robust settlers. They survived, but the humans became the dominant race on the island.   The invention of steam power and the building of the town's first Factory cemented its place as an industrial powerhouse. Gnome families from across De'aria came to the island to help keep the Factories running and the city was the first to implement electrical street lamps.
Large town
25 000
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Pilash is spread out across the entire island, with most of the city's industry located near the mine entrance at the base of the island's major mountain. The eastern side of the island is slow rolling hills leading to the rocky shoreline. The western side is flatter, making it more popular among farmers and herders.  

Natural Resources

The old weddelar mine beneath the town still produces coal, iron and the occasional gem or platinum nugget. The mine is starting to run out though and it might need to be expanded to remain operational.   The plains on the western side of the island provide the city with some fresh vegetables and grain, but most of the town's food is still imported.  

Major Factions

Many factions and unions are located in the city, and they include:
  • The Lighters' Union, which are responsible for the upkeep of the city's lights;
  • The Patroe Trust, a guild of the local Factors and refinery owners; and
  • The Silent Fathers, a criminal organization that has attempted to seize control of the city on a couple of occasions.
Art Credit: emperorcharlesii (me!)

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