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Vatarian Tepilar make up the majority of the city's population, but a large number of Smeloplar tinkerers have made a community here and many Astanlar and Berilar live in the nearby jungle.


The city is ruled by a magicocracy, being governed by the Archmage Perjig Bavaris and his private army of arcane librarians known as the Bookkeepers. The Archmage and some of his Elemental Disciples are responsible for many major decisions, and small pairs or trios of Bookkeepers patrol the streets to arrest troublemakers.


Potion-making and the enchantment of magical items provides a living for some of the most ingenious artificers in the world.


The city is one of the major ports of the Thousand Stars, especially for those wanting to buy some of its famous magical items and potions. As such, it has a lot of wealth to spend on ornate gardens, well-constructed brick and wood homes, and of course the Spiral Tower itself.


The architecture of the city of Jogpu is similar to many other Vatarian-dominated towns and villages in the Thousand Stars. Jungle wood and brick buildings with flat sides are the norm, with much of the local stone diverted to the construction of the Spiral Tower.


The city of Jogpu is located on an island in the Thousand Stars region of Orkanis. The peak of Goraan Mountain is the highest point on the island, and the rest of the island is blanketed in thick jungle and vines.

Natural Resources

The city has only a few natural resources, like lumber, fruits and spices, as the city is mostly known for its magical items.

Large town
Inhabitant Demonym
Location under
The Thousand Stars
Included Locations
Perjig Bavaris
Owning Organization
The Bookkeepers
Art Credit: emperorcharlesii (me!)

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