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Of course you will stop in Lerdelore at some point, whether you come from north, south, east or west. It's the beating heart of the world, where you can find your people (whoever those people are). All are welcome here, and people of all walks of life wander the cobblestone streets. I cannot stress enough how important it is to go here at least once in your life, although I am sure you will certainly return multiple times if you do!   ~Tashil Vastarwë, A Traveller's Guide to Loria

Industry & Trade

The ten Wheel Districts are each dedicated to a craft or collection of crafts. Clockwise from the northernmost, they are:
  • The Shine District is filled with gold-workers, jewellers, and other workers of precious metals and gems.
  • The Salve District is where the city's main potion-makers and medical professionals are located.
  • The Clay District is home to the various bricklayers and construction people of the city.
  • The Hammer District contains the city's smiths and armourers, as well as its main military barracks
  • The Paper District is where scholars go to find information and hopeful sages learn their craft.
  • The Linen District is lined with shops selling all manner of clothing and accoutrement.
  • The Veil District is mostly where the lowlifes of the city congregate, as it contains a lot of "lesser" professions.
  • The Steam District is where the city's Factories are located and many of the clockwork tinkerers do business.
  • The Colour District is home to the city' major marketplaces and where many foreign traders do their work.
  • The Fireplace District contains the high-class residences of the city, as well as many of the famous inns and taverns.


Due to reconstruction efforts earlier this century, the Star Chamber and the Gilded Fortress have been returned to their shining glory. Recent expansion of the Wheel Districts has also been completed; due to recent conflicts north and south of the nation, many new people have come to Lerdelore.

Guilds and Factions

Each Wheel District is home to its Guild, which regulates business in the District and keeps foreign influence under control. Beyond that and the main organizations of the Kingdom of Loria, several criminal syndicates work out of the Veil District and several official adventuring companies work out of the inns and houses of the Colour District.


Lerdelore was a small town during the time of the Godful Dominion of Eselargani, and some of the central walls of the Fort District and the Star Chamber date from the end of that period. Due to the city's central position on the new continent of Sedesta, it survived the Great Sundering mostly intact.   The caldilar majority of the city immediately began to put down roots and create institutions to help the surviving peoples of the continent. These star elves became the leaders of the Star Empire, which ruled from the Star Chamber in the city. The peace of the Star Empire is known as a period of prosperity among the elves, although many races see it very differently.   Following the Five-Hundred-Day Fire, many humans from the north overwhelmed the resources of the Star Empire and the city began to suffer under the weight of a gigantic population with no housing. This led to rebellions as the city's administrators took money from other provinces to keep the city from collapsing, creating the nations of De'aria and Kahari.   Despite this, the city's population remained high and the ghettos of the city have only been recently torn down. It remains in the hands of the old rulers of the Star Empire, now under the banner of the Kingdom of Loria.
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The city of Lerdelore lies on a large flat area, fed by the Cülar River. The landscape is dominated by large fields of wheat and barley interspersed with even larger expanses of tall grass and small groves of thin trees.  

Local Resources

The sheer size of the plains here makes farming the most common profession for those that don't live within the city walls. Most of these farms grow wheat and other grains to feed the burgeoning population of the city, but many vegetables and fruits are also grown here. Many farmers are herders instead, keeping great collections of sheep and cattle that feed on the natural grass of the plain.  


The population of Lerdelore is incredibly diverse, with nearly every race known on Sedesta being represented. Most of the city's inhabitants are caldilar, tepilar and astanlar.  


The city is ruled over by the King of Loria himself, through his Council of Twelve and the city's Lord Mayor in the King's absence.
Art Credit: emperorcharlesii (me!)

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