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"Only pure wonder awaits those who travel to the city of Lorina. Spread out over its seven famous hills, each crowned by one of its foremost academyes [sic]. The most important is obviously The Collegiate of the Seven Virtuous Disciples, but the other six are renowned throughout Sedesta...   Anyone going there must be prepared to be lectured on one hundred and one different subjects. From the phases of Friw√ę to the intricacies of cults to the uses of certain rare herbs to the deepest mysteries of magic, anyone can learn anything in Lorina. Of course, at the right price; the academics need to eat too, and many spend their entire lives working on one specific area of knowledge.   ~A Traveller's Guide to Loria

A City of Academics

Each of the seven hills of the city is crowned by a particular academy of knowledge. Each is elaborate and they are used as common waypoints for journeys through the city's labyrinthine streets:  
  • The Collegiate of the Seven Virtuous Disciples, the most powerful of the academies. They are a school of research into the methods of scientists and a training ground for scribes and writers;
  • The Abbey of the Goldless Riches, a place for quiet contemplation and enlightening study. The Writings of Mistress Zara was composed on its grounds, named for its most famous scholar;
  • The Star Spire, a location for the study of religion. It has temples and priests of all major Sedestan religions and their focus is the interplay between these practices.
  • The Gods' Kitchen, a school of the culinary arts and famous for providing many royal chefs and restauranteurs;
  • The Consecrated Barracks, a growing military academy sponsored by the Lorian Army;
  • The Endless Hall, a college dedicated to a wide variety of subjects, particularly history, languages, and cultural artifacts; and
  • The Wheel Academy, a place dedicated to the study of engineering and architecture. Many of the great minds of the age conceived of Factories and technology within its walls.
  Other smaller academies and universities exist, not to mention the sheer number of scholars not affiliated with any of the above centres of learning


The city was originally a collection of hermit's cabins and small villages that were spread across the hills. The hermits mostly stayed to themselves, and those in other areas of the Lake of Deep Dreams continue to do this today. Eventually, however, the hermits began to insert themselves into these villages and provided schooling.   The fall of the Star Empire caused the new Kingdom of Loria to take a very strong presence in the area. Establishing it as a centre of learning and contemplation, they attracted scholars from all over Sedesta to live there. The seven major academies were founded during this time, and many of the smaller ones as well.   Recent events have added a militariness to the city that sets many on edge. The power of the Lorian Army has now become incredibly prominent in the city, and many have feared a military takeover of the academies to help the wars to the south.


The city has a very strong architectural style based around the cabin. The local woods and clay hills provide a strong basis for the sturdy style of houses that exist here.   While the individual flair of a cabin is up to each owner, the basic structure is the same. Each has a tree on the property; areas owned by the affluent might even have a small grove of trees on the property. The house itself is a single level structure, occasionally with an attic, which has a brick or stone foundation with wooden walls. Tree trunks are sometimes used for corners of the structure, and the interior is mainly open spaces with furniture to differentiate "rooms".

Alternative Name(s)
The School City
25 000
Inhabitant Demonym
Location under
Lake of Deep Dreams
Owning Organization
The Kingdom of Loria


The city is also famous for its location; the city's great structures match the seven major hills in the area. Other local geographic features include the glittering waters of the Lake of Deep Dreams, as well as a variety of small groves and sandy embankments near the water's edge.  


The city has a very strong ibelilar presence, as many of the major schools and the Collegiate itself are run by elves. At the same time, the wealthy of many races learn at one of the many universities or academies here, and those of great learning will find their kind here regardless of race.  


Due to a special relationship with the Kingdom of Loria, the The Collegiate of the Seven Virtuous Disciples are the de facto leaders of the city and the ones who make the major decisions. The Magistrate appointed to the city by the Kingdom doesn't have a huge effect on policy here, as he or she heavily relies on the advice of the Collegiate and other academics in the city.  


The city prides itself on the exchange of knowledge; the city's various academics, translators, scribes, philosophers and students form the basis of the city's economy. Any other services provided are created to serve this group; farmers provide food for the scribes, ink and paper manufacturers provide the basic materials for writers, etc.
Art Credit: emperorcharlesii (me!)

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