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The Gauntlet's exists? I mean, it's important, but you know, I can't really...Are you a spy or something? Why are you asking?
— An anonymous mage asked about the Gauntlet
The only thing that separates a Master from an Apprentice is the Gauntlet. The knowledge surrounding the Gauntlet is very carefully regulated and protected; only Testers are allowed to know about it. A test of a mage's magical capabilities, the Gauntlet proves that an Apprentice has the required magical knowledge to be a powerful asset to the Seven.  

Content and Methodology

Testers allow very little information about the Gauntlet to be distributed to other mages. The only things that have been permitted to be known about the examination are the following points and nothing else:
  • The Gauntlet not only tests a variety of magical talents and spells; it is also a test of a mages ability to think on their feet and work to their strengths;
  • The Testers work with an Apprentice's Master to tailor the Gauntlet to their strengths and weaknesses, as well as to make sure the test is not unfair considering their Affinities and education; and
  • The test is completely possible to pass and tested Apprentices will never be asked to do anything illegal or beyond their capabilities.
Many wonder if the Gauntlet is predominantly practical or theoretical, whether the test is dangerous, or even if the Gauntlet is really as fair as it claims to be. The Testers refuse to comment on these sorts of questions, electing to provide the most even playing field to Apprentices planning to take the test soon at the risk of sounding cryptic.
Primary Related Location

Testing Centres

Limbo contains the most of the Testing Centres for the Gauntlet. They are kept in unmarked buildings spread throughout the Sunless City; no Master knows which buildings are testing centres except for the one they went to. It is there that the Gauntlet is held and the Testers hand out their grades to the Apprentices who complete the examination.


Whenever the Gauntlet is brought up in conversation by a Seven mage, it is widely believed that a censor working for the Seven scries on the person uttering the phrase to inspect their conversation. If they are believed to have given away illegal information on the test, they will be properly prosecuted for the information breach. Not that anyone is sure what would happen; the fear of reprisal has been enough to discourage anything beyond the sort of cursory information in this article.

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14 Oct, 2022 02:13

And I thought our standardized testing was secretive! I love the vibe this gives off. (Actually, the tone of it kind of reminds me of Patrick Rothfuss's Kingkiller Chronicles, even though I don't think the admissions is all that secretive.)

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