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Crystal balls, tarot cards, palm-reading...bah! If you need a magic bowl to read the lines and connections of the future, you're doing it wrong or you're just a hack, plain and simple.
— A Clairvoyant working at the Guild of Clairvoyancy
If you have been troubled by visions of the present or the future and want to understand what you can learn from them, one of your best bets is to undergo training to become a Clairvoyant. These Diviners are known for their expertise in understanding the future, seeing the present beyond the mere sight of the eyes, and seeing straight into the souls of sophonts. They are the best aid that a tactician or an adventurer can have just before a big campaign.  


A Diviner who wishes to become a Clairvoyant can apply to the Guild of Clairvoyancy to be paired with a proper Master Clairvoyant. This begins their apprenticeship under that Master, although this is different from the usual Apprentice-Master relationships established elsewhere in that an established Master under the Seven's guidelines can also be put into the Apprentice role here.   There, they begin to use various techniques in an attempt to control and purposefully induce the visions caused by Divinerism. Sometimes, contrary to the quote above, this is through various focus devices like metal Divining bowls, orbs and globes, and even the patterns of stars. Others simply can access their abilities through deep concentration like other forms of hermetic magic. That way, they can be summoned at will, turning the strange disjointed images of the condition into readable tracks and visions. After many months of concentrated study, the Diviner is given a few test clients to see if they can control their visions and also have the required level of service and mannerisms to do well in the profession.   

A Day's Work

The average day for a Clairvoyant is filled with relaxation and self-care, as the visions are very draining on a mage's energy. That means when they aren't giving consultations, they are often found in their homes meditating, enjoying their various hobbies, or resting. During the course of an average day, they can give anywhere from two to five consultations, depending on their energy and their skill in accessing and controlling their visions.   A consultation is not very long, seeing as the Guild prizes efficiency. The method used to access the visions will differ from individual, so the consultation is held in the Clairvoyant's small office. The Clairvoyant talks with the client to understand their needs and then harnesses their abilities. After a few minutes of searching and information-gathering, the Clairvoyant offers their insights to the client. The consultation then ends and, after a short recharging break, the next client can now enter.

Associated Organizations
Guild of Clairvoyancy
The Seven
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Clairvoyants vs. Diviners

The simple answer is that Clairvoyants are specifically trained to harness their visions, while Diviners simply have gone through Divinerism but might not have training. There are clearly a rather significant number of Diviners who have not gone through any training to control the visions of the future and the present, but the Clairvoyants who work in Limbo and elsewhere are very clearly tied to the Seven and have been trained by expert Clairvoyants to understand their abilities.   


The services of a Clairvoyant are usually rather cheap to those who are working for the Seven, as it is assumed that the visions are supposed to help the clients do their jobs. In fact, many Departments have existing contracts with the Guild of Clairvoyancy to have regular consultations with them. Those who are hiring a Clairvoyant on one of the worlds or are newcomers to Limbo might have to complete a service for the Guild in order to get a consultation.

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