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Doomsday Key

Item: one (1) golden Key, three brass-bronze Teeth at one end. Key's head depicts a clock with moveable silver Arms. Aura of heavy Magic, possibly Time variety.   Storage location: Borarian Library   Security clearance: High
— Curatorial note in the Endless Sophos's collection
  The Doomsday Key is an item shrouded in mystery. Discovered in a lockbox deep in the Curaith Sea a handful of years ago, the only clue to its origin is the note that accompanied it: "May the power of the apocalypse destroy you if the Lock is broken." Many theories circulate on its use, but the most common belief is that the end of days will come to Dreandril if the Lock is ever found. All attempts to find the Lock or research it or the Key have been unsuccessful.
Item type
Current Location
Owning Organization
about 25 grams
15cm long
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