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" When the People crossed the dark ocean, they found that barely any time had passed from the moment their journey had begun. Amazed, they turned to Dilgar and found him barely moving. "   ~ Hayim oral tradition, The Saga of Elmar and Dilgar
  The Form of Time is denoted by the colour black and its symbol is a rapidly moving clock. Contrary to popular belief, this Form cannot be used to travel in time, but rather speed it up or slow it down. All kinds of teleportation are part of this Form as well.   Those with Time Affinity are often cautious and flexible people. From time to time, someone with Time Affinity is found with the ability to view the future (each known as a Clairvoyant despite the fact that seeing the future is completely separate from seeing other places at the same time).   Speed magic consists of sharp quick movements or slow, graceful ones, depending on the effect desired. Teleportation magic normally consists of movements chosen by the mages themselves.
Metaphysical, Arcane

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