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Central Portal Office

If you need to get somewhere in the multiverse, or are coming from anywhere to Limbo, you will end up in the Central Portal Office. This rotund building is the centre of the city in a literal sense and a metaphorical one. Located right at the end of Main Street and surrounded by the offices of all the major Departments, the Central Portal Office can get you anywhere you need to go.  

Round Like a Portal

The Central Portal Office is a circular building made of dark orange stone. In fact, its colouration reminds one of the dark red-orange sand that makes up this plane. Inside, the colour orange follows one throughout its main foyer where the Department of Transport work to connect the multiverse together, down through its curved hallways and into its round Portal chambers. The ground floor is where the vast majority of Portal chambers and important offices open to the public are located. At peak times, chambers on the second floor are opened up, although these are usually only for transporting more sensitive packages and individuals. The top floor is where the administrative offices of the Department of Transport are located, and usually aren't open to the general public.  

Services and Transportation

Naturally, the Central Portal Office is known for its Portals that can take anyone anywhere they need to go. Only a few forms are required to get an individual, an item or a shipment of ingredients to anywhere in the multiverse that has been registered with the Department of Transport. These places are located all over the face of the five major worlds of the multiverse, and are related to a variety of trustworthy magical organizations.   The Department of Transport also handles the registration and housing of newcomers to the Sunless City. Especially if the newcomers plan on staying, they need to be introduced to the rules of the city, its approach to currency and other important matters. The required forms are held by the various clerks who work in the many desks and offices in the main foyer of the Central Portal Office and are processed by the administration in the higher levels.   This building is also where one can get ahold of Worldguides. They operate out of a small office just off the main foyer. Should one want to travel to an area that one does not know well, Worldguides are one's best bet to keep themselves safe and on track to do their work or explore.
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Young and Old

The city used to have a smaller building made in the same style back when the city was first established. It also doubled as an observatory where Clairvoyants would look out its windows, seeing beyond the basic level of reality, into the multiverse and do their important work. As the city got larger though, this newer building was built, much larger and home only to the offices of the Department of Transport. The Guild of Clairvoyancy was moved to its own building on Main Street, and the old building was closed down and left empty. Some wonder if the place is haunted.  
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