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Borenius Verathen

Keeper of the Cube of Fire, Honourable Judge of the Tower of Law

I think [Borenius is] one of the most logical and well-spoken judges in the city, honestly. I'm admittedly a bit biased, being his coworker and all, but I'm sure many other people can vouch for him as well.
— Keeper Alain Cúrani
Lawyer, judge, mage, protector...Borenius Verathen is all of these at any given moment. While he doesn't run the Department of Justice, he often argues cases and judges them within its walls. This doesn't make him many friends, but it's honest work and no one does it better.   

Appearance and Clothing

Many people have accidentally taken Borenius for a Terran Human considering his rather average height, weight, and skin colour. He is no longer as spry as he used to be in his youth, so he shuffles from place to place instead of walking. His back is a little bowed from the weight of the responsibility that he now carries. He still wears the old black robes of his former station as a Gojoth when he isn't wearing the equally dark robes of a judge, which highlights the unnatural green undertone to his skin.  

Personal History

The forbidding landscape of the Inkuna Forest serves as a dark backdrop to the birth of Borenius Verathen some eighty-four years ago. One of the Jhanté whose village was home to the Gojoth, he became incredibly interested in their grim task. When he was merely eleven, he followed them out into the woods to watch them do their ancient rites, passed down generation after generation that kept the darkness of the forest at bay.   It wasn't long before he joined them, undergoing the Change and helping fight the Inkusel himself. He spent much of his adult life doing just that, outliving many of the elder Gojoth who taught him everything he knew. By some stroke of luck, he never became infected beyond the first stage of the terrible affliction that claimed them, which explains the strange greenish colour of his skin and his laboured breath. It was on one of his later missions that he came across the Cube of Fire lying in a ravaged glade, and he formed an instant connection with the artifact.   Lamenting his old age, he made the difficult choice to pass on his knowledge of the ways of his people and "retire" to the Sunless City to fulfill his new duties. He quickly became an expert on the laws of the city, becoming an accomplished lawyer, later a judge. He has worked for the Sunless City ever since, striking a balance between fair judgement of the worst offenders and draconian punishment of those requesting mercy.
Previously Held Ranks & Titles
Inkuna Forest
Current Residence
Dark blue
5' 7"
75 kg
Aligned Organization
I don't care how important he is, he nearly made me give up my shop because I hadn't kept my citizenship up to date!
— An anonymous shopkeeper on Main Street

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