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Alain Cúrani

Keeper of the Cube of Lightning, Dina of Valahír

For those who don't know him, Alain Cúrani might seem like an eccentric person. An avid collector of anything magical or interesting from the worlds of the multiverse, his diverse interests and the means at his disposal to fulfill them seem to dwarf those of other people. Those who know him find him rather meticulous and orderly. One thing is for sure: those who are getting to know him are in for the ride of their lives.  

An Aspiring Noble

Alain's family were rather poor, in fact, which seems to contradict the large amount of wealth he now possesses. Some say that his incredible interests are a consequence of having lost his childhood to poverty, and Alain himself had this to say on the matter:
It was true that we had little; my papa and I would often go hungry for multiple days of the year and I hardly had new toys every year like other dene did when they were children. As for whether that led to my collecting habit, I think I'll let everyone else theorize on that one.
This means that Alain hadn't inherited the title of Valahír in the usual way. While he had been born in the mountainous region surrounding it, his father was not the dina of Valahír. The dina passed away without any children, so there were none to inherit the post. As per Lafáiron custom, that meant anyone who could complete the Dinador would claim the town instead.   The Dinador of Valahír was to go into a deep cave within the nearby mountain and bring back a particular crystal that grew in one of the deepest grottos. The cave system there had been once infested with all kinds of nasty demons, but by that point it was simply very treacherous to travel, and Alain had the good fortune to be the first to attempt the task. It was during the descent to the crystal's grotto that he came upon a cavern where it rained and stormed, and at the centre of the cavern was the Cube of Lightning. He bonded with the artifact, the first of many he would collect over his lifetime.  

Now A Voracious Collector of Antiquities

With the town of Valahír came the dina's collection of artifacts from the early days of the world. Bits of armour from the first wars over the world of Renath, busts and statues from the first temples to the Pantheon of Renath, ornate weaponry from all corners of the world; the previous dina had been a bit of a collector, and with the money and resources of the dina's land, Alain could continue this path. He would comb the caravans of traders from every world in the multiverse to try and add to his collections. In a couple of cases, he's been accused of stealing the artifacts, even, but he's always tried to smooth things over as best as he could. When he isn't doing his duties as a Keeper, he's talking with dealers in rare artifacts and antiquities to grow it even more.
Current Residence
Very long and blond
6' 1"
195 lbs.
Aligned Organization


Many would lament that it's not a question of "if" Alain has a given hobby, but "when" he had it or when he will. Some of his current interests and fixations include:
  • Various forms of Earth dancing arts, particularly tap dancing;
  • Growing and breeding various forms of flowers for the express purpose of growing the largest flower of its kind; and
  • Categorizing colours according to a system that only he seems to know.

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