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Gojoth (go-jauth)

The darkness coalesces around Nimun as she tiptoes across the jungle floor. Her spear slowly traces a trail through the ground, carefully leaving a trail behind her as she delves closer to the source of Inkusel. It's extremely close.   A sharp sound of metal and thunking wood causes her to spin, just in time to see the metal creature's axe aimed to cleave her head in two. She ducked the blow, spinning behind a tree for cover as its weapon thunked into the side of another nearby tree.   She would need Berath's magical help with this beast. A simple spear couldn't do anything against a creature of pure metal and wood.
Jhanté folk tale
  Admittedly, the truth of being a Gojoth is a little less glamourous. Ancient caretakers of the Inkuna Forest, they try to halt or even counter the spread of the Inkusel and the Inkuborn it creates.  

Helping Out Where They Can

The Gojoth's task has them ranging across the jungle in search of sources of Inkusel infection. Naturally, only the fastest and most skilled warriors and mages become runners. This occurs after a ceremony where they are introduced to a small creature of the Inkusel and they bond magically with it in order to sense it with their blood. The best among them become healers, and the wisest and bravest among them is elected the Grand Gojoth.   The runners deal with the problems on the ground, hunting down the Inkuborn and helping quarantine and treat members of the community who have been infected. The Inkuborn are incredibly fast and terrifying to behold, so they must be brave and just as light on their feet. They also must be competent warriors and mages in order to be able to combat them. Lastly, their job demands compassion. They need to have a sense of empathy for the people who are effected by the Inkusel and have a sense of duty to protect them.
CW: disease, blood, violence (mentions)
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The Inkusel

Jhanté and Din

Both the Jhanté and the Din work as gojotkanth. The Jhanté live in the depths of the forest itself, so their need is more immediate and they join in much greater numbers. The Din refer to them as berato-han or "Greensick-healers" and because they live more on the jungle's edge, they tend to be more hesitant to risk their lives in this way.
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Jul 12, 2022 15:06 by Molly Marjorie

I like how you differentiate from the glamour of the folktale and the reality of life for the Gojoth.

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