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Gojoth Runner (go-jauth)

Nimun's eyes adjusted to the dark trails of the forest. Her people had run these trails since time immemorial, keeping the darkness at bay. But there were days like today when she felt woefully inadequate at it.   This was mostly due to the fact that she wasn't running to something, but rather from something. Namely, the colossus of metal and wood that was smashing trees and bellowing dark curses behind her. "All in a day's work." she muttered darkly to herself as she weaved through the trees.
Jhanté folk tale
  At the bottom of the hierarchy of the Gojoth Tree Corps are the Gojoth Runners. These folk hail from all parts of the Inkuna Forest. Their duty is to the Jhanté and Din peoples of the woodlands. Their punishment that their work exacts is death.  

Day in the Life of a Runner

Runners spend much of their time travelling the forest. Some are specifically tasked to take down Inkuborn beasts that have been spotted in the jungle, either through force or through magic. Others track and map the movements of such creatures in an attempt to discover the sources of Inkusel that create them. Either way, the runners work closely with the peoples of the jungle and the land, earning their respect and their protection.   The equipment of a runner can vary depending on their duty and their preferred method of subduing Inkuborn. Whether they carry weaponry or magical foci, runners will tend to travel light, wearing a minimum of armour and eschewing metal as much as possible.
CW: stalking, violence, disease
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Din Runners

Nearly all of the Din people that work in the Gojoth are runners. This has been a point of contention between the two peoples of the forest, as there is a sentiment of distrust due to the Din's position as "outsiders" and "new" to the jungle. However, there are a couple of Healers that are Din, and a handful of trusted foreigners hold the title of Runner. Whether that is a solution to that conflict is in the eye of the beholder.
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Jul 12, 2022 05:45 by Molly Marjorie

Ooh! Forest people! I particularly like the note about the contention between the different groups who live in the jungle.

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