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Koresh Amrohar Verhrun

Keeper of Life, Head General of the Seven's Chosen

Today is the birthday of one of our illustrious Keepers, Koresh Verhrun! As part of the day's news, a never-before-seen interview with the Head General and Keeper of Life is enclosed with this issue - with his permission, of course!
— A flyer attached to an issue of The Multiverse Review
Koresh Amrohar Verhrun is one of the seven Keepers of the Cube, more specfically of the Cube of Life. Taking up the post as Head General of the Chosen, he is directly involved in the constant fight against the demons that threaten the multiverse.  

Appearance and Equipment

AG: How does one become as skilled in battle as you, Keeper Koresh?   KV: You just need a good sparring partner and the best weapons money can buy. That, and a great deal of good luck! *laughs* Yeah, just those, definitely not a tall order...
Koresh is a lanky Lizardkin with four arms. His brass-coloured scales are never out of place, and his eyes are sharp and piercing. Despite his soldier background, he isn't overly large, being rather average height and weight for his species. He can often be encountered wearing his steel plate armour, the set having been passed down in his aristocratic Amrohar family for centuries. In battle, he is known to wade into the fray wielding two swords and a shield.  

Personal History and Rise to Fame

AG: How do you think that your childhood and early life prepared you for the position you hold today?   KV: Well, it sure taught me discipline and fairness, that's for sure!
Finery and privilege was the backdrop to which Koresh Amrohar Verhrun was born, and he never pretends otherwise. Much of his work before becoming Keeper was through the Bailiffs, of whom his mother was a prominent and respected member. During that time, he learned the tenets of Lizardkin justice and the importance of the rule of law.   It was about twenty-five years ago when he first came across the Cube of Life. The object had landed on the border between two farmers' fields, and as a local Bailiff, he was called upon to adjudicate on the matter. Very few would have predicted the result; as the two farmers just so happened to be landowners renting from his father, the Cube passed to his family legally. His father immediately gifted the artifact to his son, and Koresh bonded with the item instantly.   Since then, Koresh has been through a few scattered events and conflicts in the history of the Sunless City, both as Keeper and later as Head General once the previous holder of the post passed away a few years back. He witnessed, for example, the trial for the untimely death of Darstel Palókk and the battle with the Telmari. His current projects involve investigations into the increasing demonic activity on Earth, using his skills as a judge and negotiator to guide the campaign with a careful and just claw. Under his auspices, the Seven's Chosen have also become a more regimented and multicultural fighting force for good in the multiverse.
Currently Held Titles
Current Residence
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Dark brass scales
7' 2"
260 lbs.
Aligned Organization
Known Languages

Personality and Interests

Koresh is rather easy-going, contrary to what many would expect of the head of an international army, not to mention his strict upbringing. He often cracks jokes and makes light of things, but that hardly means that he is not capable of being serious when he needs to.   Much of his joking side is shown through his patronage of parties and gatherings at his home. He enjoys giving out a just reward for a job well done, so quick-risers in the Chosen or the end of a successful campaign are suitably fêted. These parties are the highlight of the Limbo social scene, with all major dignitaries and the other Keepers being regular attendees.

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