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Gargu Farask

Keeper of the Cube of Ice, Esteemed Captain of Her Majesty's Gulls, Duchess of Gerwathen

Herewith, We permit Gargu Farask, a febile of the illustrious family of Gerwathen, to dispense her rightly inherited privilege to sail the waters of Our Queendom of Drokwerth unhindered.
— A signed deed of pedigree in Drokanir
The life of a Renathian goblin is never all that long; their bodies simply weren't meant to last. But Gargu Farask has led a life full of intrigue, magic and fate, now leading her to Limbo to serve as the Keeper of Ice. What she does next is up to the randomness of the multiverse, as she is so fond of saying.  

Early Life and Nobility

The Farask family have held the town of Gerwathen in the nation of Drokwerth on Renath for generations, each daughter inheriting the land from her mother in a continuous line from the dawn of the world, some say. Gargu grew up with her magical abilities, which stem from the stars that marked her. Her particular Starmark is of the Stream, meaning she can float and swim almost without expending any energy of her own, which comes in handy on the high seas.   Being the second daughter of her family, she believed that the best way to make a name for herself was through joining Her Majesty's Esteemed Captains of the Gull, where her love of Water magic and small size caused her to rise through the ranks rapidly. It came as a surprise to her to find out, not long after reaching the rank of Captain, that her older sister and mother had died of disease, leaving the Duchy of Gerwathen to her.  

The Cube and A Dilemma

The balance between her wanderlust as a Captain and her need to stay at home to govern her ever-growing town and household was made even more difficult when a rare vacation led her into unseasonably frigid waters. It was there that she jumped into the freezing water to retrieve a strange cube-like artifact, the Cube of Ice. The bond between the two developed immediately, and with it came yet a third responsibility to add to her plate.   That meant that the several years that have passed since that day has been a gigantic juggling act for her. She's tried to maintain her standing among the Captains, handle important day-to-day tasks in Gerwathen, then attend meetings with the other Keepers in the Sunless City. She is a pretty heavy user of Portals to get around, to the point of having a permanent one set up between her home, her ship, and her castle in Gerwathen. It definitely cuts down on the very large amount of travel time between her various responsibilities.
Current Residence
Long and curly black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Dark green-brown
4' 5"
125 lbs.
Aligned Organization


Gargu is famous for her love of colourful dresses and elaborate makeup, although this is mostly due to her rather deep interest in fashion instead of a need to show off wealth. All of her fashion choices show off her naturally-green skin, her bright eyes and her large pointed ears. Now and again, she'll wear her Captain's hat, a bright orange tri-corner with the badge of Her Majesty's Gulls and her family crest.

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