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Yang Changpu

A significant portion of Terran mages living in the post-World-War-II period went through a large amount of transition. Alongside their mundane peers, they saw their horizons broaden and the terror of demonic incursions only grow. However, Yang Changpu is a special case, as he was not only a member of this generation, but actually one of the major instigators of the conversion of Terran magekind to the Seven and the Sanctuary system.  

Life and Times

Families of mages are not unusual, but since the Change is not passed down to offspring, it's certainly not guaranteed. That said, Changpu went through the Change at a very young age and was quickly swept under the wing of his father, Yang Zhao. Changpu otherwise refuses to speak of the time before his flight from home, for there are rumours that Zhao was a member of the Huore Shetou.   He fell in with the Shanghai Magic-using Society quickly thereafter, working his way through the ranks until the defence of the city from Huore Shetou summoned demons led to his appointment as Zhu of the organization. The destruction he witnessed in the war with the Huore Shetou and the Japanese occupation shortly afterwards caused him to look beyond the Earth.   He soon fell in with the Seven, who had millennia worth of cultural knowledge fighting demons and handling magical societies. Within months of meeting them in the 1950's, he began the arduous task of writing to every single magical organization and society in the world - around four thousand in total. These letters, now known as the Shanghai Papers, were the catalyst for the creation of the modern magical society of Earth and the adoption of the Terra Doctrine.  


It would be rude to speak ill of the recently dead, but I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Zhu Yang.
— a mage at the Shanghai Sanctuary
Changpu was well-loved among the mages of the Shanghai Sanctuary and the organizations that preceded it. He was also seen as a fair and just person, with a forward-thinking attitude and a positive outlook. He claims he inherited a strictness from his father, but most people who worked with him say that the opposite was true.  


When he wasn't hosting diplomatic missions from across Earth and beyond, Changpu was often working on a research project that he never finished. It appears he was looking into the damage caused to the fabric of reality in Henan Province that caused demon influences to be stronger there. The results of his studies were kept in the Shanghai Sanctuary's library until recently, when his grandson Yang Liu began working on a similar project.
1893 CE 1972 CE
Shanghai, People's Republic of China
Aligned Organization
The time has come for us to set aside what makes us different from the rest of the Multiverse, and instead embrace what makes us the same.
The Shanghai Papers, which Changpu wrote
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