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Eye Test Specialist

It's a thankless job a lot o' the time, I should say, but that's why I get paid for it instead!
— An Eye Specialist from Earth
The most common way of determining one's Affinity is through the Eye Test. Due to the sheer complexity of the task and the time needed to provide a proper diagnosis of Affinity through the Test, Eye Test Specialists have to be trained to administer the examination. Their contributions to Affinity research and magical training are often ignored, but the importance of their work cannot be understated.  

Requirements of the Position

People looking to become Eye Test Specialists have to go through two major examinations in order to be properly accredited. The first is a long-form test given by the Centre for Magical Studies; this test goes into much of the necessary theory and is a written test of basic knowledge. Following this, the would-be Specialist must complete a minimum of 25 examinations under the supervision of a master Specialist before they can be given a certificate of studies and become a fully-fledged Eye Test Specialist.  

Services and Research

Once accredited, Eye Test Specialists are free to practice their craft anywhere. They are only required to keep the most recent copy of the Eye Test on them, although copies of the book are available at no charge and are commonly shipped to their practice the second they come out.   Eye Test Specialists divide their time between administering the Test itself and studying Affinities and similar magical phenomena. Particularly if they work in a small Sanctuary or outpost, they often have a secondary profession that they do as well, such as other forms of magical research or teaching.
Alternative Names
Eye Tester, Ocular Specialist
Significant demand
Used By
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Seeing as the Eye Test is one of the least invasive and most well-studied of Affinity tests, Eye Test Specialists are one of the most important people in the education of new mages. Once a student knows their Affinity, their magical abilities are more clear and they can begin to work on their weaknesses and make the most of their strengths. Seeing as Eye Test Specialists also improve upon and update the Test to cover more intricate cases, they are often on the forefront of Affinity research in general as well.
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