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Birush Zakarul

Keeper of the Cube of Earth

I think the pursuit of knowledge is one of the most important endeavours that this multiverse can offer. What else can one do except marvel at the complexity of creation?
— Birush Zakarul
Birush Zakarul is a lover of all kinds of knowledge. Raised from a young age to love and respect all forms of knowledge, no matter how rare or specific, she spent a great deal of time learning about Renath and its peoples. It was her discovery of the Cube of Earth and her subsequent arrival in Limbo that led her to the doorsteps of the Endless Sophos where her knowledge blossomed.  


Birush has very dark skin, very nearly the colour of black ash. She is rather large for her size, a trait that she is exceedingly proud of. Her clothing choices are usually blues and purples, being her favourite colours. It is very rare to find her not in the middle of some task such as brewing a potion, reading a book or planning out a lecture or speech.  

An Uncertain Childhood

Despite many questions about it over the years of her time in the Sunless City, Birush refuses to talk too much about her childhood. People knowledgeable about the duergar know she had to have been from the bands that live in the Dirtakal Peaks region based on her accent, but that is all that anyone has ever learned about it. The only other detail that Birush has given is that she had a very strong mentor figure early in her life, whom she talks about often:
It seemed like she held the keys to the multiverse in her hands, dangling them just out of reach every time I tried to grab them. I mean this in a nurturing way; she challenged me to learn and improve in everything I did. I cannot thank her enough for everything she has done for me. It is safe to say I would never have become the accomplished mage I am now were it not for her guidance.

New Discoveries

Discovering the Cube of Earth got her out of "a difficult situation" and brought her to Limbo. There, she found a whole entire guild of people who shared her love for knowledge and had the resources to have her learn anything that she ever wanted to learn. She wanted to be the biggest expert in the entire city, and the Endless Sophos gave her the exact place to do that.   It was here that she ran into Amara Veena, another researcher from the Stewardship of Numh. The two became very good friends until she eventually moved in with Birush. The two have been inseparable ever since, despite the increasing amounts of time Birush spends in the Borarian Library of Archives and Amara's frequent visits to her homeland.
Current Residence
Dark maroon
Spiky and neon orange.
5' 3"
225 lbs
Aligned Organization

Areas of Expertise

Birush loves all kinds of knowledge, as one can expect, but the following things are topics that Birush is very knowledgeable about:
  • Her home culture and its history; she can talk all about her race's enslavement by the forces of evil, their fight for freedom and their fractured search for the Mountain King's Vestments.
  • Alchemy is another one of her big specialties: name a plant, and Birush can probably name a medicinal or magical use for it.
  • Various clothing styles from Renath; she can point out the difference between the various cloth-making centers in Numh just by feeling the cloth in question.

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Sage Rynn19
Wendy Vlemings (Rynn19)
22 Dec, 2020 09:18

It appeals to me that she loves all kinds of knowledge. :) She seems like a wonderful person to know.

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